What’s the Difference between a Panic Disorder and an Anxiety Disorder

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What’s the Difference between a Panic Disorder and an Anxiety Disorder You might hear people talking about panic attacks and anxiety attacks like they’re the same thing. They are different conditions though. Panic Disorder - A panic disorder is an intense and sudden feeling of concern terror nervousness or apprehension. The symptoms are typically therefore extreme that they cause a severe disruption in your day. Panic attacks usually occur out of the blue while not an obvious immediate trigger. Panic disorder symptoms peak within ten minutes then subside. However some attacks might last longer or might occur in succession creating it difficult to see when one attack ends and another begins. Symptoms:  Excessive sweating  Feeling of choking  Chest pain or discomfort

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 Nausea or abdominal distress  Feeling dizzy unsteady lightheaded or faint  Fear of losing control or going crazy  Chills or hot flashes Panic Disorder Treatment – Fortunately Panic Disorder Treatment Austin can facilitate you start enjoying life again without the constant fear of having another panic attack. If you believe that you might have a panic disorder don’t wait to get help. There is no need to go on to suffer. Trauma Therapist Austin TX will help you find the right treatment for your needs. Anxiety Disorder - In contrast anxiety usually intensifies over an amount of your time and is highly correlative with excessive worry regarding some potential "danger"—whether real or perceived. If the anticipation of something builds up and the high quantity of stress reaches a level wherever it becomes overwhelming it may desire an "attack." The symptoms of anxiety may include:  Muscle tension

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 Disturbed sleep  Difficulty concentrating  Fatigue  Restlessness  Irritability  Increased startle response  Increased heart rate  Shortness of breath  Dizziness Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin – A range of health professionals and services offer information treatment and support for anxiety conditions as well as a number of things you can do to help yourself. The important thing is finding the right treatment and the right health professional for your needs. And Austin Anxiety Center is the right choice for you. Visit us and get more information here. A Word from atxanxiety Anxiety and panic disorder can disrupt your everyday life. Whether you experience them or you want to understand what a friend or loved one goes through know that help is available. Talking to Anxiety Therapist Austin TX about your symptoms and how often they occur is the first step to finding relief.

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