LTL Shipping How to Properly Prepare Goods


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Our goal is to offer LTL carrier tracking software that is a complete solution for your company. For any further assistance, get in touch with us on +1 800-304-1488.


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An ELD (electronic logging device) is an electronic quick fix that lets expert commercial vehicle carriers & truck drivers to conveniently track and record their hours of service.

LTL Shipping – How to Properly Prepare Goods:

LTL Shipping – How to Properly Prepare Goods Prior to a shipment gets loaded onto a truck & sent to its destination, it must be appropriately prepared for shipment by the sender. Failure to take into account best practices can consequence in bottlenecks, and in some cases, impact your bottom-line negatively. In this blog, we will have a closer look at how the following crucial areas play a part in LTL packaging & the preparation of goods for LTL freight shipping : Dimensions : LTL shippers must always measure the length, width and height of their shipment. Precisely measuring the dimensions of an LTL shipment is useful to carriers and allows for more precise quotes, which helps you to avoid pricey adjustments that happen when dimensions are imprecisely recorded . LTL shipment documentation : When a carrier picks up an LTL shipment, they’ll ask for a BOL (bill of lading). Shippers are needed to provide their name, the recipient’s info, date of the shipment, number of units being shipped, types of packing being used, a freight class, dimensions, value and more in this document .

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LTL packaging & labeling : LTL shippers are motivated to load their goods onto pallets or into crates before pickup. Heavier items must be placed on the bottom of the pallets or crates, whereas lighter items must be placed on the summit. It is also wise to include at least one large label on each handing unit in the shipment . Shipment loading : All the above-mentioned tips contribute to a shipment that’s ready to be loaded, if executed correctly. LTL shippers must have the dimensions & vital documentation in hand once their shipments are properly packed and labeled for the carrier. These steps can assist you in avoiding setbacks in the shipping process . Final thoughts: Accurately preparing LTL shipments can help goods get from point A to point B on time & fully intact, while decreasing the possibility of extra fees. LTL Freight Tracking Software is now easier than ever before with Aurora Software. Our goal is to offer  LTL carrier tracking software  that is a complete solution for your company. For any further assistance, get in touch with us on +1 800-304-1488.

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