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All you need to know about Mobile Commerce is here. Expand your business reach with mCommerce and get benefited.


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What Mobile Commerce is About “Any type of commerce being made via mobile phones handheld computers and similar wireless technology” – “A retail outlet in your customer’s pocket” – Wikipedia

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The Growth of Mobile Commerce in US and UK 58 of US retail transactions in Q3 2015 occurred via a mobile app. 51 of UK retail sales in Q4 2015 happened via Smartphones and Tablets.

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Mobile Commerce Sales Estimate Expected Sales in 2016 will be 123.13 billion. In 2020 sales will reach 242.08 billion that are nearby double of the sales in 2016.

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Reasons Why mCommerce is Getting Bigger Mobile phones available at reasonable prices. Smartphone screen size arises. 24x7 Internet connectivity. Doing things make easy at anytime and anywhere. Enable mobile payment. Assured with greater security. Mobile advertisers have large audiences.

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The Burning Market of Smartphones Buyers Retailers continuously optimize their sites to support mobile shopping. That turns eCommerce into mobile commerce. Global smartphone sales volume will reach 2.05 billion by 2020.

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Mobile vs. Desktop Traffic During May 2014 to May 2015 mobile traffic outdoes desktop traffic by 5.

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Conversion Rate As per the report published in Q4 2015 Mobile Commerce App conversion rates were 20 higher than desktop and 120 higher than mobile browsers. Mobile Browser vs. Desktop vs. App

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iOS vs. Android sales Android-based smartphones will dominate the mCommerce market. It surpasses Apple iOS devices. Sales of Android-based devices will reach 1652 million by 2020.

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APP Usage in the US More than a third of all U.S. smartphone users download at least one app per month. The average smartphone user downloads three apps per month.

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Time Spent on Mobile App Smartphone users spent 89 of their time on media via mobile apps such as social network email and news.

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Time Spent on Mobile Web Smartphone users spent 11 of their time on media via mobile web.

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Shopping Behaviours on Different Ages Youngsters ages 16 to 24 are making most purchases via smartphone. Older buyers shop with desktops and tablets. Ages 25 to 34 comes next in purchasing products using mobiles. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Laptop Smartphone Tablet Desktop of Respondents in each Age Group Devices Used to Purchase Products 55+ 45-54 35-44 25-34 16-24

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Usage of Smartphones Before Shopping How Female shoppers use their smartphones while shopping in store More than three-quarters 79 of US female beauty buyers used their mobile phone while shopping in-store to browse user reviews.

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The Rise of Mobile Payment Younger adults in china make almost all payments via mobile phones. Users ages between 21 to 29 make over 40 of all mobile payment in China. The next vast majority of the mobile payment user base comes at ages 30s.

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Mobile Internet Advertising will be the Mobile First As per Ovum’s mobile Internet advertising forecasts global revenue increases from 22.64 billion in 2014 to 63.94 billion by 2019.

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Wearables will be the Next Platform for M-commerce The no. of wearable devices will reach 650 million by 2020.

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Thoughts on Physical Retail What Dunkin’ Brand a leading fast-food restaurant in America has to say about Physical Retail How retailers stay ahead of the game.

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A bit About MobiCommerce MobiCommerce is providing mobile commerce solution for Magento as well as PrestaShop store. Creating iOS and Android apps become very easy without writing a single line of coding. 100+ businesses have joined hands with us. View your entire store on mobile for FREE.

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Thanks Wed like to hear your thoughts on the same Visit: Email: Phone: USA: +1 347 201-0009 India: +91 79 6663-0250

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