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Transcutaneous magnesium comes from the Zechstein Sea , an ancient sea 2 km underground, dating back 250 million years and completely removed from any pollution.


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Transcutaneous magnesium comes from the  Zechstein Sea  , an ancient sea 2 km underground, dating back 250 million years and completely removed from any pollution. This is the purest sources of magnesium on Earth certified to date constiuant a real historical discovery. Transcutaneous magnesium, whose texture resembles that of a dry oil is not heated, unrefined and is bottled in its natural state "raw" . WHAT IS MAGNESIUM TRANSCUTANEOUS Zechstein

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O ur seas are unfortunately mostly polluted. It was therefore necessary to find a pure source of magnesium, far removed from our current pollution, to find a higher therapeutic effect, qualitatively speaking, the point cures but not sufficient to which we are accustomed in our modern societies.  

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Magnésium Transcutané Vaporisateur 100 ml en verre Un spray 100 ml d'huile sèche de magnésium transcutané. Dosé à 31% mg (concentration maximale). Bouteille en verre avec impression écologique à l'argile blanche.

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The skin is an organ capable of absorbing, storing for months to filter and even redistribute vitamins (Vitamin D) and some minerals (magnesium). A distribution system outside pair.   Already used by many  sports doctors in Canada, Great Britain and the USA,  the Transdermal Magnesium is effective for:   - Calming cramps, pain, inflammation and tendinitis - Stimulate local blood circulation - Relieve muscle pain related to sports - Improve the problems of the skin types or acne pimples - Detoxify heavy metals stored in the body - Assist in the binding of calcium - Accelerate wound healing - Relieve the heavy legs symptoms - Helping to find a better quality of sleep VIRTUES MAGNESIUM TRANSCUTANEOUS

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Improves sleep Relieves inflammation and campes Relieves painful menstruation

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USE THE TRANSCUTANEOUS MAGNESIUM Several options for the implementation of Transdermal Magnesium available to you depending on your needs:   Every morning :   Apply 10-20 sprays magnesium transcutaneous on wet calves. Let stand 10 minutes before dressing or ...   Every evening   Massage 10-20 magnesium sprays transcutaneous on the abdomen on wet skin .

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