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Integrating Strategic, Financial, and Master Planning : 

Integrating Strategic, Financial, and Master Planning  San Antonio Botanical Garden Case study 

Our Story : 

Our Story Moving from public management to private 5 – 8 years For 30 years, never had a cohesive Master Plan, Financial Plan 32 year old facility - time to get our house in order Hire the right people to help you do the right job

Lessons : 

Lessons Do your homework first Realize your history is a valuable tool for planning Identify “sacred” strengths and areas worth saving Identify key characteristics which makes your Garden distinctive and use them as foundation for planning What is your mission / vision?

Lessons : 

Lessons Establish timetable Stay on schedule Keep focused on goal Be focused on end objective – don’t get sidetracked by personal agendas Have a coordinated path to success Logical steps in some sequential order

Lessons : 

Lessons Managing Fear of Change Be willing to adapt Compromise isn’t a bad word Keep checking progress against objective

And Finally… : 

And Finally… Know that you will need to do it all over again….only so much shelf life

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