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1 PRESENTED BY : Mr. ALHADE.A.N M. Pharm. (Q.A.T.) 3 rd SEM. Roll no. 01 Seminar on Resent banned drugs GUIDED BY: Prof. WADEKAR.J.B M. Pharm. Pharmacognosy P.D.V.V.P.F’ s COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, AHMEDNAGAR (2016-2017)


2 INTRODUCTION Banned Drug Reason for Banning of Drugs Reasons of Availability of banned drug in India


3 Process of banning of drug Executive committee examines harmful effects of the drug The results are reported to the drugs technical advisory board The government issues the ban order DCGI notifies all state drug authorities Authorities are instructed to carry out inspections


4 Banned Fixed Dose Drug Combinations By FDA in March 2016 Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Rabeprazole Category: Analgesic ,Antipyretics, osteoarthrits,headache,muscle pain. Brand name: COMBIPARA (capsule) Mfg By:Delcure life science Side Effects:incresed blood presure,skin Rashes, liver Injury,abnormal blood cell count, Constipation ,


5 Phenylbutazone + Sodium Salicylate Category: Antipyretics,Analgesic Brand name: UDIL-S-inj Mfg by: morvel laboratories Side effects- Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Citrate +Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Menthol Category: expectorant,in comon cold,acidosis,kidney stone constipation Brand name:TOREX syrup Mfg by: Torque p’ceuticalspvt .ltd Side effects: shortning of breath, facial sewlling,nesal&chest congestion,Abdominal pain


6 Cifixime + Azithromycine Category: Antibacterial, antibiotic Brand name: CEFOLER -AZ Mfg by: Wonder health care Side effects: Hepatic dysfunction, renal failuar,head ache, hypersensitivity reaction Metronidazole + Tetracycline Category : Hyperacidity,deodenal ulcer, antibacterial Brand name: PYLERA Mfg by: Forest lab Side effects: Shortning of breath, skin rashes, dry mouth,


7 Metformin + Atorvastatin category-: Antidibetics , Antihypertensive Brand name:TRIPILL Mfg by:Cipla p’ceuticals Side effects:lactic injury, darknesss of urine


8 Drugs Banned in other Countries but Available in India Oxyphenbutazone Category: Analgesics, antipyretics. Brand name: OXIBUTOL Mfg by: Novartis p’ceuticals Side effects: Bone marrow depression,gastric iritation Nimesulide Category: NSAID analgesics,antipyretics Brand name: NIMLOX Mfg by: Cipla life science Side effects: Liver &kidney failure


9 Propoxyphene Category: Painkiller,cuff suppresent Brand name: PARVODEX Mfg by: Jagsonpal p’ceutical Ltd Side effects: Problems in heart rhythm,Skin rashes,muscle pain. Furazolidone + Metronidazole. Category: Antimicrobeal,Anti diarrhoeal Brand name: DEPENDAL-M Mfg by: GSK Pharma. Side effects : Difficulty with breathing,chest pain,swollen gland, Causing cancer


10 Nitrofurazone Category: Antibacterial Brand name: furacid Mfg by: unicure(india) Side effects: causing cancer & skin inflamation Nandrolone Decanoate :Abused by athletes Category: Anabolic Steroid for,anemia&aids Brand name: Decabolin Mfg by: Techno Side effects: Hair loss,hypatic dysfunction,embryotoxicity


11 Thioridazine Category: antipsychotic Brand name: mellaril Mfg by: techno drug ltd Side effects: causing abnormal heart rhythms or   arrythmia, visual disturbance Pergolide: Category: Brand name: Mfg by: Side effects: damage to heart valves.


12 Cerivastatin Category: Cholesterol Lowering Brand name: BAYCOL Mfg by: Bayer Pharmaceutical Side effects: Cause kidney failure, swelling of your lips, tongue, or face Constipation drug Phenolphthalein: category:Laxatives Brand name: Prulet Mfg by:mission pharmacal Side effects -cancer or genetic damage


13 Fda approved resent drug moiety Ceftazidime,avibactum Brand name:avycaz Category:antibacterial,antibiotic Mfg by:forest laboretories Mepolizumab Brand name:nucala Category:asthmatics Mfg by:glaxo smith kline


14 Naltrexone&oxycodone(tablet) brand name:Troxyca ER Category:pain keller Mfg by:pfizer Lisinopril(oral solution) Brand name:qbrelis Category:antihypertesive &congestive heart failuar Mfg by:silvergate p’ceuticals Calcifediol (extended release capsule) Brand name:rayaldee Category:hyperparathyroidism Mfg by: opko health ltd


15 Nitroglycerin(sublingual powder) Brand name: go nitro Category: for angina pectoris Mfg by:espero p’ceuticals,inc Acetylcystein(effervosant tab) Brand name:cetyl v Category:acetaminophen over dose Mfg by:arbor p’ceuticals l.t.d. Betamethasone dipropionate(topical spray) Brand name:sernivo Category:for plaque &psoriasis Mfg by:promius pharma llc


16 Esomeprazole magnesium(capsul) Brand name :Nexium-dr Category: for gastric ulcer,gastro esophagal reflux disease(GERD) Mfg by:dr.reddy’s Nebivolol&valsartan Brand name:byvalson Category:antihypertensive. Mfg by:forest laboratories inc Triptorelin embonate(inj) Brand name:dipherelin Category:anticanser Mfg by:zuellig pharma


17 Methadone hydrochloride(oral syrup) Brand name:dolophine Category:painkeller(for chronic pain) Mfg by:core pharmaceuticals Everolimus (tab) Brand name:zortress Category:for brain tumor,brest cancer,organ transplant,carcinoma Mfg by: novartis p’ceuticals.0

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