Chiselco introduces Blu Ray Duplication in Georgia

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Chiselco introduces Blu Ray Duplication in Georgia:

Chiselco introduces Blu Ray Duplication in Georgia Chiselco the leading media duplication company in Atlanta Georgia has another feather to its cap with the introduction of Blu Ray duplication in their facility. The mood in Chiselco is upbeat as this move is surely going to add to their already soaring business. Chiselco the pioneers in CD and DVD duplication in Atlanta Georgia have introduced Blu ray duplication in their facility. People in and around Atlanta will be able to transfer and market their works on Blu Ray discs instead of CD's and DVD's. Considering the surging demand and the problems faced by consumers in Atlanta Georgia Chiselco decided to introduce this facility at its Roswell Street office. According to an insider in Chiselco the Blu Ray technology was long awaited and its introduction will not only help local consumers who have been deprived of the high quality provided by these Blu Ray discs. Blu Ray discs are much ahead of CD/ DVD's in terms of storage capacity and the clarity they offer both for audio and visual . According to industry experts Blu Ray is soon going to eliminate DVD's out of the market owing to their increased disc space that allows High Definition video up to 1080p resolution. These Blu Rays have been known to present 7.1 channels of uncompressed audio. The best and so far most competitive feature of these Blu Rays is the enhanced network and internet connectivity. Apart from that the improved disc coating has increased the resistance to scratches which were a common problem with CD's and DVD‘s

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The mood in Chiselco is upbeat with the introduction of this technology as management of Chiselco is looking at an increase in business over the next few days. Chiselco has been in business for a long time and has been embracing technology as it comes into the market. Even clients with Chiselco are in high spirits as they will be able to get much better quality and durability for their works that need to be stored for future use of need to be sent to various locations. Blue Ray discs can be read almost 3 times faster than a normal DVD which has given a thumbs up to the technical staff at Chiselco . The burning speed is almost the same that one requires to burn a CD or a DVD. About – Chiselco has its roots in media duplication. Chiselco was duplicating media since the time when people used a “ cassette”.As technology changed Chiselco grew and duplication process at Chiselco evolved into printing CD & DVD inserts for their customers. Right after receiving an overwhelming response from customers for the printing, Chiselco's customers wanted it to expand their printing to posters, flyers and business cards for them. Today Chiselco offers a full range of Media duplication, Media Services, Printing with promo items that help make business visible. For more information Click Here