Pharmaceutical Science


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Scope of pharmaceutical career


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Pharmaceutical Science:

Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical science:

Pharmaceutical science Science of Medicines Manufacuring, Distribution of Medicines for Mankind Treatment and Prevention of Diseases


PHARMACIST are highly-trained and skilled healthcare professionals who perform various roles to ensure optimal health outcomes for their patients.

Oppurtunities in Pharmaceutical Industry:

Oppurtunities in Pharmaceutical Industry R&D Production Marketing Formulation Tablets Sales promotion Quality Assurance Capsules Sales executive Quality Control Injections Product development Bio analytical Cosmetics Manager Biotechnology Neutraceuticals Pharmacology Drug discovery Technology transfer Regulatory affairs

Different pharmaceutical dosages:

Different pharmaceutical dosages Capsules Injections Tablets

Cosmetics and over the counter drugs:

Cosmetics and over the counter drugs

Pharmaceutical Scenario in India:

Pharmaceutical Scenario in India Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the world’s largest and most developed. The pharmaceutical Industry in India is world’s third largest in terms of volume India topped the world in exporting generic drugs.

What Do Pharmacists Do:

What Do Pharmacists Do Educate patients about prescription and over-the-counter medications Advise other health care professionals on drug decisions for patients Provide expertise about the composition of drugs, including chemical, biological and physical properties, as well as on use Ensure drug purity and strength Ensure drugs do not interact in a harmful way


Opportunity Horizons JOB (B.Pharm/ M.Pharm ) Government Organizations Pharma Industries Hospital Pharmacists Research Institutes Food & Cosmetic Industries Clinical Pharmacy Clinical research org. Community Pharmacy Pharma Marketing Academic jobs (Teaching) BUSINESS (B.Pharm) Own Industry Retail Pharmacy Own Pharmacy Shop

Pharmacist in Government services:

Pharmacist in Government services Pharmacist in Army, Navy, Air force & Govt. Hospitals Drug Inspectors Scientists- Food and Drugs laboratories Forensic Scientists Research on tropical diseases, public health Toxicologist microbiologist Govt. Approved Chemist Consultants ( mental health, family planning, pollution, poisons, self-medication, immunization)

Higher Education, After B.Pharm:

Higher Education, After B.Pharm

In India:

In India M.Pharm (GPAT) M.B.A (CAT) M.S (GPAT) Pharmaceutics Pharmamanagement NIPER Pharmatechnology Finance Pharma PA & QA Marketing Pharmacology Pharm biotechnology Medicinal Chemistry Pharmacognosy

In Abroad:

In Abroad M.S M.B.A GRE-USA GMAT TOEFL-USA,UK TOEFL-USA,UK IELTS-Australia, UK, Cannada , Newzealand IELTS-Australia, UK, Cannada ,

Shortage of Pharmacists:

Shortage of Pharmacists Nationwide shortage of pharmacists throughout U.S. various industries * Shortage expected to last into the foreseeable future Why? Increase in number of new prescription medicines Growing elderly population Greater demand for patient care Growth in community pharmacy

Should You be a Pharmacist:

Should You be a Pharmacist DO YOU LIKE... Chemistry, Biology, and Math? To Help People? To Solve Problems and Puzzles? ARE YOU... Dependable? Organized? Detail-Oriented? Able to Communicate Well with Others? IF YOU ANSWERED YES, YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER PHARMACY AS A CAREER!


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