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Athan Zafirov is a doctoral student at UCLA. He grew up in Montreal where he earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees.


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Athan Zafirov:

Athan Zafirov


Athan Zafirov applies his university background in economics to provide equity analysis for Vigilant Global Trade Services in Montreal. In that capacity, Athanasse Zafirov examines trends in the energy, utility, and materials sectors. He also devises macroeconomic models for the Gulf Cooperation Council, Canada, and Russia. Previously, Zafirov conducted top-down research and edited factsheets for Letko-Brosseau & Associates in Montreal. Additionally, he analyzed worldwide oil and gas demand and created Excel/VBA tools for mutual fund managers and traders.


Upon completing his higher education, Zafirov served as an analyst intern in the economics and asset allocation department of the CDP investment organization in Quebec, interpreting econometric data. He focused on econometrics while attaining his master’s at HEC Montreal, presenting a thesis on US government debt. As an undergraduate, he earned a B. Comm., with a major in finance.


Speaking three languages, Zafirov is also proficient in VBA, SQL 9, and C#. Further, he is experienced in Oracle 9i, JavaScript, iHS Global Insight, and Datastream . In his spare time, he enjoys science fiction.


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