Take some preventive measures to avoid allergic cough


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Allergic cough and allergic rhinitis is commonly treated with antihistamines. These largely include nasal drops, eye drops, and oral anti-allergen tablets. Many doctors require you to complete a course of anti-allergen tablets consumed at least twice daily for roughly a week.


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Allergic Cough:

Allergic Cough


ABOUT ALLERGIC COUGH Cough is a reflex caused by the stimulation of lining of the nose, throat, voice box or lungs and it’s a normal defence mechanism of the body. Most coughs – based on their cause – can be mainly divided into allergic cough (coughing due to an allergen) or those caused due to infections.


CAUSES There are multiple allergies that can cause cough and we have to blame our changing lifestyle and the kind of urbanised environment we live in for that. We get allergies due to multiple things that float around us all the time such as – House dust mites Inhalants that we contract at work The kind of food we eat, especially sour food items Pollution


TREATMENT While there’s a tendency to try out home remedies for cough, it’s recommended that people visit a doctor to rule out conditions like bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Symptomatic treatment includes taking care of the symptoms like running nose or wet cough or dry cough. Other methods include anti-allergy treatments where we try and find out what you are allergic to and then administer a vaccine that can protect against allergens you’re exposed to. Read about how to get instant relief from cough .


PREVENTION Allergens irritate the various linings of the nose, throat, noise box or lungs which lead to inflammation or swelling which causes the cough. Some precautions people prone to allergic cough can take to avoid it is - Eat only home cooked food Drink clean water Avoid sour food items including fruits Make sure your home and workplace are very clean and your air conditioners are serviced regularly .


Avoid scented cosmetics, air fresheners etc. Read more about tips to deal with cosmetic allergies . Avoid being in polluted places for prolonged periods. If you cannot avoid this, use a surgical mask easily available at any chemist’s . It’s advisable to not keep thick curtains which dust is inclined to and switch to thinner ones . Also people should opt for hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows which are now widely available. Read more about how to prevent allergic cough and cold in the winter.


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