Remedies for asthma, bronchitis and Cough treatment


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Asthma is a respiratory disorder that may be life threatening. It must therefore be taken very seriously. The attacks of asthma are painful for the sufferer and may leave him in the condition where he might require immediate medical or expert care.


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Remedies for asthma, bronchitis and Cough treatment:

Remedies for asthma, bronchitis and Cough treatment


There are about 10% people in India that suffer from asthma. Apart from this, there has been an exponential rise in the number of cases of asthma in children. Asthma is one of the most serious respiratory disorders. If asthma treatment is not done in time, it may affect a huge population in the years to come. This respiratory disorder is today one of the most common diseases. However, there are people who fail to understand asthma. Some are even uncertain about the treatment or the cure of the disease.

Asthma and bronchitis treatment:

Asthma and bronchitis treatment


The key bronchitis treatment is inhalers. Inhalers are also known as puffers. Inhalers are used to inhale the medications via the airways. There are two key types of inhalers. These include the preventers and the relievers. Preventers work to prevent the symptoms of the asthma. These are recommended to be consumed on every day basis. Relievers on the other hand are designed to treat or stop the asthma attack. They are consumed when the patient is already undergoing an attack.


Medications for asthma, bronchitis and Cough treatment


Inhalers used in the asthma or the cough treatment contain drugs such as Qvar , or Flixotide . Relievers on the other hand contain drugs such as Ventolin or in some case Bricanyl . Since these are drugs, so like the other drugs they too will have some or the other form of side effects.



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