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find best ever ayurvedic solutions for low back pain, get instant relief with ayurveda panchakarma treatment and herbal medicines


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Astang Ayurveda:

Astang Ayurveda Bhubaneswar Low Back Pain Assured ayurvedic treatment for

Low Back Pain:

Low Back Pain Low back pain takes place at middle age and above. Low back pain includes lumbar spondylitis , PIVD (Prolapsed Inter Vertebral Disc), tuber closes, cyst, tumor etc. in young age low back pain may take place due to sprain and trauma.


Symptoms Low back pain may be confined to low back only. Sometimes it radiates to one or both of the legs. Numbness, tingling pain, stiffness, tenderness, burning sensation are complained by the patient. The pain may execrated on standing or long walking. It subsides on taking rest.


Causes Taking oily and spice food. Cold food and drinks cause joint pain including low back. Osteoarthritis due to degeneration cause low back pain. Excessive weight lifting. long driving, long walking cause low back pain. Trauma may cause prolapsed inter vertebral disc

Ayurveda Treatment:

Ayurveda Treatment Te first line of treatment in ayurveda is to avoid the low back pain causes. The causes include wrong food and life style. The PIVD patient should avoid oily and spice food, sour taste. Spice increases pain sour taste increases stiffness. chilled food should be avoided. Climbing stair case, mountains, sleeping in air conditioned room, sleeping on mattress should be avoided. Weight lifting is not good for low back pain patient .

Treatment at Astang Ayurveda:

Treatment at Astang Ayurveda Astang Ayurveda is a specialized ayurveda panchakarma hospital for joint and spine disease. Low back pain ayurveda treatment is a regular practice by skilled ayurveda doctors at Astang Ayurveda

Treatment at Astang Ayurveda:

Treatment at Astang Ayurveda We consult the low back pain patient at our out patient department. We examine the patient with update clinical methodology. We follow the modern investigation reports to rule out any other disease or complication and reach at the perfect diagnosis. We may suggest medicines and let the patient go home for bed rest or exercise. If we feel require we get the patient admitted into our hospital for a specific time period for ayurveda panchakarma treatment. In the in patient department we do have state of art accommodation facility the patient is provided with a single room with two single beds attached bathroom, balcony, geyser, television etc. Suitable food is made available at the room. Years old experience in panchakarma and low back pain management helps giving assured treatment and relief to the patient.

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