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Best SAS Clinical Trials Training in Pune - This course is for graduates or postgraduates in life sciences, statistics, medical, bio pharmacy, programming.


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Why SAS is important for learning ■ In future SAS Software Capture the market. It’s a new way to provide a new generation of business intelligence software. SAS is the world largest company. Analytics is the next superpower SAS Becomes a Big Part to plays an important role in future big data and analytics. Now SAS will be in high demand in the current market and future market. The Big Benefit of learning SAS is the fourth generation language because SAS provides GUI and Multitasking applications. SAS works with large data and generates graphs and reports. ■ Now SAS is updated with the latest technology. It can easily be integrated and this enhances its usability and flexibility as it can easily interlink with many technologies. www.AspireIT.Net

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Benefits of SAS for Learners Easy Debugging  SAS Debugging process is very easy. We can understand SAS Errors Easily. SAS can be performing error processing i.e. compiling and the execution phases. You can use the data step debugger to detect any logic errors in a data step during execution. SAS Provide Customer Support  Flexible solutions adapt to rapidly expanding needs SAS Helping employees make smarter business decisions. SAS is a closed source tool. SAS Customer support handles the problems. SAS provides Better customer service via machine learning. Data Security  SAS Data security is totally secured we cant extract in case of office use without a license. SAS helps a service organization build trust with its user organizations. IT improves security operations productivity. www.AspireIT.Net

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Who can Learn Clinical SAS ■ Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree in B. Pharmacy M. Pharmacy Pharm D Bio- Technology MBBS MD BDS BAMS BHMS BUMS BPT/ M.Sc. Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Botany/ Zoology/ Bioinformatics/ Chemistry/ Genetics/ Life Sciences/ Biomedical Genetics / Molecular Bio Sciences / Statistics. Why industries required Bpharm Mpharm candidates with SAS skill  SAS software used by Pharmaceutical healthcare industries for data analysis.  Clinical Research Organization required candidates with medical terminology knowledge with SAS Skill.  SAS Software used by many hospitals like AIIMS APOLO FORTIS for data analysis research analysis report preparation. www.AspireIT.Net

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How SAS is used in Clinical Trials ■ SAS is extensively used in clinical trials research in biotech pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. SAS plays imperative role in clinical trials data analysis. Surgeon /doctors and medical persons who’s gather clinical study data the group conducting data analysis includes clinical data managers statisticians and SAS programmers. Statisticians produce perception of the data analysis data managers manage this collected data and control the data aspect SAS programmers implement the analysis methods and provide the research summary tables data listing and graphs to the statisticians to write study report. SAS programmers work jointly with statisticians and clinical data managers. They provide the connection between raw data and the analysis. www.AspireIT.Net

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1 Biostatistician Role in SAS The role of a Biostatistician is to work with the clinician and a clinical programmer with the key responsibilities being: ■ Help with the statistical design of the clinical trial study. ■ Help with the formulation of hypotheses. ■ Determine optimal sample size required to guarantee the level of precision. ■ Work with the team preparing waiver grants. ■ Ensure the methods and statistical analysis sections address each specific aim. ■ Calculate the appropriate sample size for the study to address the specific aims. ■ Determine the data variables to be measured and how they relate to the study objectives. ■ Develop the data collection process. ■ Provide methods for analyzing the data. ■ Interpret the results www.AspireIT.Net

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2 Data Manager role in Clinical SAS ■ Case Report Form CRF designing ■ CRF annotation ■ Database design ■ Data entry ■ Data validation and discrepancy management ■ Medical coding ■ Data extraction and database locking www.AspireIT.Net

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Career path for SAS professional in the pharmaceutical industry ■ SAS skills are useful in many sectors / departments. With a Bachelor’s degree jobs like data management and SAS programming are good to start. The environment allows you be usual with the data and structure make tables access and process data and listings and graphics. In the pharmaceutical industry and biotech the medical skills of treatment are a great advantage. ■ The Main difference is that the course duration for any Post graduation will be minimum 1-3 years whereas SAS certification the course time period will be around 2-6 months. If you go M. Pharm the career investment will be 3- 4 Lakhs its so tough and it isnt satisfaction. There is no doubt jobs are available but the job vacancies will be very high. As a result of knowledge and skills students fail to acquire the job. In comparison after completion of SAS certification course in 6 months there is higher demand in industry and the current market as large no. of vacancies available but less no. of candidates due to lack of knowledge SAS skills and awareness. SAS demand is high in industries for SAS analytics ■ Data management multivariate analysis predictive analysis is future analytics in high demand and bright career for you. www.AspireIT.Net

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Why SAS for pharmaceutical manufacturing ■ SAS provides the powerful analytic tools and life sciences industry ability to help you optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing performance while keeping safety and quality. ■ SAS delivers an integrated analytics platform in a GMP – complaint environment for the pharmaceutical industry. ■ SAS is a credible leader in analytics with more than 40 years’ experience in life science sectors and wealth of manufacturing expertise. ■ SAS allows you to move from batch data to real-time processing seamlessly and efficiently. www.AspireIT.Net

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Clinical SAS Training Path www.AspireIT.Net 1 SAS Clinical Programming Fundamentals SAS Programming 1: Essentials SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials SAS Report Writing 1: Essentials SAS/Graph: Essentials 2 Applied Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting Introduction to Clinical Trial and CRO Industry Hands-On Training on Study Documents Hands-On Training on CDISC standards Deep Dive Into AdaM SDTM Programming AdaM Programming Hands-On Training on Creating Clinical Trial Reports Hands-On Training on Creating Clinical Trial Graphs Hands-On Training on Define.xml and Reviewer’s Guide Evaluations Through Assessments Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA Regression and Logistic Regression Free e-course

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Clinical SAS Training Path www.AspireIT.Net 3 SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer This course combines SAS Clinical Programming Fundamentals + Applied Clinical Data Analysis and Reporting SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer. All Pharmaceutical / I.T. / CRO Clinical Research Organization / Business Data Management Industry. Your growth as a company and software technology continues to be strong No doubt SAS has huge demand good job prospects. What is the Job Market of SAS

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Future Job Opportunities www.AspireIT.Net SAS is a leader in analytics so the future of analytics is very growing day by day For Pharma Students SAS job opportunities are - IT Companies Retail Analytics Financial Analytics Telecom Analytics Health Industries HR Analyst Analytics Clinical Research Organization Credit Analytics career opportunities of Pharmacy after the SAS training and certification course. If you want to secure your future now then Contact Us without delay. We are SAS Accredited Training Partner. we provide SAS Training and Global Certification in Pune.SAS Clinical Data Manager training and certification in Pune. Individuals who want to make a career in the Clinical Research domain for clinical data analysis and reporting. Attend a 1-hour free demo session and then join the course. Also you can join SAS online training in Pune. You work on Real-time Projects with placements assistance.

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