Automobile Industry in India


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Presentation on Landscape of Automobile Industry in India : 

Presentation on Landscape of Automobile Industry in India Consulting Club

Evolution of Automobile Industry : 

Evolution of Automobile Industry Initial Years Manufacturing was licensed High Customs duty on import Steep excise duties & sales tax 2 Major players: Premier Automobiles Ltd & Hindustan Motors 1980s Entry of MUL, better product, with government support Seller’s Market Long Waiting Periods Early to mid 90s Seller’s market and long waiting periods Delicensing in 1993 Removal of capacity restrictions Decrease in customs & excise Auto finance boom- more players (foreign banks & non banking companies, better schemes. Mid 90s – Early 2000s Buyers market Increase in Indigenization Easy Auto finance Manufactures diversifying into related activities: finance lease, fleet management, insurance and used car market

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Trends in the automobile sector… : 

Trends in the automobile sector… CAGR 15.4% CAGR 14.2% CAGR 39% Domestic Sales have been growing strongly Exports have nearly tripled in the last 5 years Largest three wheeler market in the world 4th largest passenger vehicle in Asia 4th largest tractor in the market 5th largest commercial vehicle market in the world

Segment wise market share… : 

Segment wise market share… Two Wheeler Three Wheeler Passenger vehicles CVs The industry has not experienced much change in its structure over the last 6 years Two- wheelers form the major share of domestic sales Passenger vehicles lead the exports market(57.4%) 2 wheelers form the bulk of exports as well, but are losing share to Passenger vehicles The growth in the two wheeler market is driven by the motorcycle market and is expected to grow at 14-15 % YOY

The Key Players… : 

The Key Players… Two wheeler Passenger vehicle

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Favorable Demographics Improving income curve Reducing interest rates Cost Pressure High Expectations Inadequate Infrastructure Development KEY CHALLENGES KEY ENABLERS Key Focus Areas Product development( includes collaboration, new products developed) Vendor base (quality of vendors, skill levels , size etc.) Manufacturing capability( quality levels, productivity & skill levels, technology ) Service levels Supply chain Labor law Leverage IT Key Features of Future Auto Policy Foreign Direct Investment Import tariff Incentives for Research and Development (R&D) Environmental Aspects Other measures

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