Makerspaces: Transliteracy in Public Libraries

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MAKERSPACES: Transliteracy in public libraries:

MAKERSPACES: Transliteracy in public libraries BY Ashley Dean


WHAT IS A MAKERSPACE? Hackerspaces Fab Labs Creative Spaces Makelabs Makerhoods


WHAT IS A MAKERSPACE? “A place where people come together to create and collaborate, to share resources, knowledge, and stuff.” ~ Lauren Britton Transliteracy Development Director Fayetteville Free Library

Makerspace and the library mission:

Makerspace and the library mission Public Library Association Mission Statement The Public Library Association enhances the development and effectiveness of public library staff and public library services. This mission positions PLA to: Focus its efforts on serving the needs of its members Address issues which affect public libraries Commit to quality public library services that benefit the general public


TOOLS OF THE TRADE 3-D PRINTERS Atom 3D Printed Guitar by Olaf Diegel 3-D printers allow users to create renderings of 3-D objects from a digital design file. Printing is similar to 2-D inkjet printers, with nozzles spraying substances such as plastic or gels instead of ink.


TOOLS OF THE TRADE Suitable for all ages Inexpensive Promotes creativity Teaches problem solving skills Improves dexterity Combines STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education with creativity LEGO


TOOLS OF THE TRADE Some libraries may already have elements of a makerspace: C hildren’s programs Workshops in jewelry making, duct tape crafts, etc. Sewing & knitting classes Shop class CRAFTING Maria Carrillo High School Makerspace


TOOLS OF THE TRADE Using computers, makers can create: Video games Full-length films Graphic art Mobile apps COMPUTERS

Funding makerspaces:

Funding makerspaces Think outside the box: Grant writing Competitions Crowd-source funding websites Sponsorships

Safety first:

Safety first Safety precaution guidelines when using makerspaces. A safe makerspace environment is created by: User education of tools Appropriate protective gear Respect for other users Accessible safety equipment

The issue of space:

The issue of space Libraries searching for space have several options to consider: Purchase new space Mobile classrooms Reimagine current space Westport Public Library Makerspace

Expectations on library staff:

Expectations on library staff “It is our job to create access and develop an environment where people can come together…As librarians we are the facilitators – we do not have to be the experts…Our community is full of experts – and so is yours. Technology teachers, local artists, computer programmers, and lawyers – these experts…have knowledge that is worth sharing.” ~ Lauren Britton

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