Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

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Unusual Computer Mouse Designs:

Unusual Computer Mouse Designs

Cursor Mouse:

Cursor Mouse *Image via Bing This design was created by Art Lebedev, and must be one of the most postmodern designs ever created amongst gadgets. It looks simple, but pays homage to the symbol of computing, the mouse cursor.

Tarantula and Scorpion Mice:

Tarantula and Scorpion Mice *Image via Bing Tarantula and Scorpion Computer Mice speak for themselves, and could be a great way to scare away arachnophobics , and please the arachnophiliacs .

NES Controller Mouse:

NES Controller Mouse *Image via Bing t has been a while since we used the NES, but it still feels like yesterday. The NES Controller Mouse brings back all those memories back in an instant.

Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse:

Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse *Image via Bing With its futuristic design, the Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse is a great gadget concept that allows people to not just browse or use computer, but effectively play video games.

Superhero Mouse:

Superhero Mouse What could be better than reading a couple of Spidey comics, and then watching a rerun of a Spiderman flick? I will tell you what, the Superhero Mouse designs which feature Spiderman, Wolverine and more of your favorites.

Shark Mouse Concept:

Shark Mouse Concept *Image via Bing Alireza Haji and Mahbod Ashraf have designed this cool Shark Mouse which has been inspired by the movements of killer sharks. They are recyclable too, making them clean and green.

Titanium ID Mouse:

Titanium ID Mouse *Image via Bing Luxury and computer accessories do not usually go hand in hand. However, the Titanium ID mouse makes sure that those who crave for luxury in their gadgets are well satiated.

Mini Golf Mouse Pad:

Mini Golf Mouse Pad *Image via Bing Golf lovers can rejoice, thanks to the Mini Golf Mouse Pad Set. The pad resembles golf courses, and the mouse is inspired by a golf ball. When you are tired of working on the computer, you could play “golf” on the mouse pad.

Keypad Mouse:

Keypad Mouse Using laptops is always convenient but the lack of numerical keypads on the right-hand side can be a cause for convenience. The Key Mouse is a great conceptual mouse that hides a numerical keypad within its body.

Chocolate Mouse:

Chocolate Mouse Those who have a sweet tooth will love the Chocolate Mouse for it would remind them of their most basic instincts. Unfortunately, it is not edible and you could only use it to work on the computer.

USB Multi-Touch Keypad:

USB Multi-Touch Keypad *Image via Bing The USB Multi-Touch Keypad by Brando packs in features that would make you go WOW!. It lets you do many things that you could do on your laptop touchpad like tapping, magnifier, rotate, Zoom in, Zoom out, Vertical scroll, and Horizontal scroll.

Google Wireless mouse:

Google Wireless mouse *Image via Bing Google is undoubtedly the most important company in the world of Internet. This Google Wireless Mouse pays tribute to the contributions made by the search engine to the development of Internet and technology.

Air Mouse:

Air Mouse *Image via Bing AirMouse is a wearable mouse that comforts your hands. This radical mouse defies the conventional idea of a computer mouse.

Open Office Mouse:

Open Office Mouse *Image via Bing The Open Office Mouse would appeal to any computer savvy person for it comes with 18 buttons which would allow you to customize 52 key commands. It helps you work faster on your computer.

Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition:

Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition *Image via Bing Video game lovers would know it is difficult if they are left handed. However, the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition has been released just for the lefties who can’t use mainstream gaming mice.

Arty Logitech Art 3D Mouse:

Arty Logitech Art 3D Mouse *Image via Bing This Logitech Mouse has been designed by Tim Cooper, and it almost looks artistic. It features infrared technology and 3D input.

And I Use This Mouse :D:

And I Use This Mouse :D

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