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The Story of Cornflakes:

The Story of Cornflakes By Jael

Where does corn grow?:

Where does corn grow? Corn grows the most in these countries: United States, China, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, France, and Mexico, Romania and all over Africa. Did you know that China grows the most corn and Japan buys the most corn?

The Invention Story of Cornflakes:

The Invention Story of Cornflakes There were these two brothers who invented cornflakes. Their last was Kellog. That’s where the name Kellog’s corn flakes comes from. But, did you know that it started as an accident?

Interesting Corn Facts:

Interesting Corn Facts By Jael Did you know that corn was first grown In Mexico 7000 years ago? Did you know popcorn is special corn with lots of moisture in it so that when it gets hot it has an explosion. Did you know that corn is made into fuel for cars?

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