Early childhood education games

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ArtNSmart educational computer games are suitable for children ages 2 to 9


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Early Childhood Education Games


ArtNSmart educational computer games are suitable for children ages 2 to 9


SIMPLY SEARCH Listen and enter your child’s name and the learning process will become personal


In artNsmart we believe that using advertising in educational games is not suitable for children and nor contribute to the learning process


Like in All of our Limudisk Games series, No Annoying Popups and Ads Will Be Shown to the playing Child


The technology we developed allows us to provide personal feedback throughout the game


The child's self-confidence, increase attention and concentration and develop his independence, a unique method for artNsmart games USING THAT METHOD We Strengthen


Instructions are conveyed in a fascinating story The story is used to sharpen attention Words diversity expands the vocabulary The navigation is simple and intuitive Allows complete independence in game operation Help to develop the motor, coordination and orientation skills BENEFITS


Donny’s story will deliver game instructions It will develop attention and understanding instructions It is the best way to expand child vocabulary Encounter and solve maze problems Practice using memory games Build challenging puzzles Develop child fine motor skills and coordination Know and recognize directions Develop orientation Contribute to the development of independence Explore and encourage the desire to enjoy learning FEATURES


Here Are More Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Playing Educational Computer Games


Your child will be learning how to operate a compute and they will be helping you run the computer. Computer games have been shown to improve hand-eye coordination. Recent studies have shown that computers are a better avenue for improving fine motor skills. Playing computer games helps develop decision-making skills. These skills are crucial in laying the foundation for a successful life.


Educational computer games can help prepare your child for school by helping teach language and math skills in children. Learning can and should be fun! Using Software provides a fun learning environment for your child. Computer games help teach problem-solving, goal setting, and other important cognitive skills.


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