Art Deco Mirrors-Still the Best

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Art Deco Mirrors-Still the Best One of the best accessories to decorate your place is found to be mirrors. Mirrors are in use since old tmes for personal grooming or to enhance the design of the room. Nowadays people are using mirrors extensively to give their place a stylish and trendy look. A broad array of mirrors is available in the market for styling purpose and one type which is in huge demand these days is the Art Deco mirrors. These mirrors can give a striking look to a dull place. Art deco mirrors are the types of mirrors which are in use from old tmes and are stll people’s frst choice. They are known for impartng an elegant and classy look to the place. Art deco is the style of the 1920s that frst arrived in France. It then becomes internatonally famous during the 1930s and 1940s. This design style emerged signifcantly and created useful objects for the society. Here are some features of Art Deco Mirrors: Geometric shape : The best part of Art deco mirrors is that you can get diferent geometric and irregular shaped mirrors of your choice. It comes in bold colors and is best suited for living rooms and bathrooms. Spacious: Mirrors have a tendency to make the place look wider if placed properly. Only a few elements like shape size number frame design are needed to be considered before placing. Mirrors make smaller spaces look larger by giving the room a deeper appearance. It is a beautful way to enlarge your space. Variety : Art deco mirrors ofer a large variety of designs to be used from a cofee table to a dressing table. You can decorate every corner of your place with diferent shaped mirrors. There are many designs and shapes to choose from these types of mirrors.

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Traditonal to Modern look : Art deco is a style of old tmes and ofers a traditonal variety which is not easily found in other designs. Artsts have added more variety in traditonal designs to get modernity. Brighter : Mirrors are a wonderful tool to add light and depth to a room. They only need to be placed in the appropriate space to get the natural light in. Sleek and unique: Art deco style is a form based on thin and bright lines strong trapezoid designs and metallic accents. Diferent metals like bronze silver brass are commonly used to add a unique look. Although the art deco style is old but is stll in huge demand. Artfax Mirrors in Newbury ofers a great variety of art deco mirrors . They will help you in a classic way to decorate your place. Presented By

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