How To Increase Page Authority of a Web Page

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It's a tutorial for increase your page authority of a web page. You can learn many things from this PPT. Enjoy.


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How To Increase Page Authority Of A Web Page:

How To Increase Page Authority Of A Web Page


Introduction Page authority is also called as a PA. It means the reputation of your web page. If you have PA 1 that means your page does not have a good reputation in the eyes of search engine and MOZ. You have to increase your PA, so that it will be ranked on the search engine and you can get organic traffic from there. Every month Mozscape update their API and analyze millions of links on the web. There are a lot of chances for you to increase your page authority within a month. So, here I will tell you hot to increase your PA with using off-page activities.

Before starting off-page activities, first you have to learn about following things::

Before starting off-page activities, first you have to learn about following things: 1 . Link Juice : Link juice is a virtual thing, we cannot able to create or see except search engines & analysis software's. It will pass link to link or web page to web page. If you create a link on the high authority website and the page have good page authority and you got a dofollow link, then it will pass the link juice from other website to your website .

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2. PA of each page - Remember every page has their own page authority and each page has their own link juice. So, before create a link on the website, check the existing page authority of the page (not domain or home page). How to Boost Tumblr Blog Page Authority in Just 10 Minutes

Off-Page SEO For Increasing Page Authority:

Off-Page SEO For Increasing Page Authority 1. Blog Commenting - On existing blog, which have good page authority. 2. Profile Creation - You can create profiles on various websites & post your link there. Remember to follow others because they will follow you in return. 3. Directory - Submit your url to different directories, which allow deep links. 4. Social Bookmarking - Find good authority of a website and post your link there. 5. Forums - Like Quora and others. 6. Microblogging website - Here is the list of microblogging websites 7. Photo Sharing - Create and share your images with link on high authority websites. 8. Article & Blog - Post article & blog on a different website to increase PA. 9. Guest Posting - You can find guest posting websites on the net and ask the author to post your content on his/her website. 10. Classifieds website - Some classifieds website provides backlink . Here is the list.

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