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Nonprofits spend considerable time reaching out to supporters via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. But most groups aren’t properly measuring whether these efforts are worth the time and cost. And it can seem like a daunting task to put together an effective strategy for collecting and analyzing data about your social-media efforts. Beth Kanter shares tips for how to measure your social media efforts. Content Powered by Hubspot.


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Use Your Data For Decision-Making

Step 7 – Analyze Results:

Step 7 – Analyze Results Joyful Funerals Metrics Mondays Specific Time for Reflection and Improvement

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1. You visualizes success and failure 2. Spend more time identifying what you want to measure, not how to measure it Measure in context – don’t ever collect data unless you can connect it to your goals Don’t wait until the end to collect data 5. Don’t ever just shovel data over the fence and onto the executive director’s desk Less is more Uses measurement pilots to create a habit of collecting and apply data If your nonprofit loves measurement …

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What is one idea that you can put into practice? Type Your Reflection Into the Chat!

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