Defeating your fears for witnessing


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Defeating Your fears for Witnessing :

Defeating Your fears for Witnessing Passionate Disciples Training Session 1

God has chosen witnesses:

God has chosen witnesses Biblical commission: God says, “Ye are my witnesses” (Isa. 43:10 ). Peter says, “We are His witnesses…” (Act5:29-32)

Who are God’s Witnessing today? :

Who are God’s Witnessing today? Today we as the Seventh-day Adventist church still believe that John the apostle when he was told that he “…must prophecy again “ Rev 10:11 (BBE) “And they said to me, You are to give word again of what is coming in the future to the peoples and nations and languages and kings.” represents us as the leaders of the last of God’s faithful servants or witnesses.

The prophecy is being fulfilled:

The prophecy is being fulfilled This prophecy is being fulfilled by many thousands of the remnant witnesses for Jesus (Seventh-day Adventists and other sheep which are witnessing for Jesus) around the planet.

What is Expected of Witnesses?:

What is Expected of Witnesses? Evidence, evidence, only evidence Simply saying what you know Jesus to be from your own experiences with Him Let’s read 1 John. 1:1-3 So To be a witness for Jesus one must have a deep friendship with Jesus We are to tell what we know, what we ourselves have seen and heard and felt.

Going Court for Jesus:

Going Court for Jesus To be one of the Witnesses for Jesus means to be willing to go to ‘court for Jesus’. Many people are afraid of the court house. Why do you think many are afraid? Many are shy, they have something to hide, they don’t want their name in the news, most of all they fear the threat to their life if they testify But the court that we as Passionate disciples are commissioned to enter and be a witness in, is different from all other courts that we know

The Big Difference:

The Big Difference The court house that we testify as witnesses for Jesus is any where we are on planet earth The accused criminal is not us; but Jesus-Matt. 5: 11. The accusers of Jesus are Satan and his servants- eg. false religious leaders- Matt. 10: 16-18.

The Difference continues… :

The Difference continues… In this court house Jesus is the Judge (Gen. 18: 25; Acts. 10:42) Jesus has won His case- the Great Controversy with Satan –already. He won it on the cross almost 2000 years ago. Therefore, when we witness we do it on the winning side. Though at times witnessing may seem to be a losing battle, we have won. So why be afraid to witness?

Millions of unbelievers:

Millions of unbelievers Millions of people still have not even heard the name Jesus Many millions who know the name doubt that He is real or that He is any Savior The world of unbelievers needs witnesses who knows Jesus personally!!!! Only those who know Jesus can really help the unbelievers of the world!!!

Is it really possible for everyone to know Jesus? :

Is it really possible for everyone to know Jesus? Jesus is not here in person, so how can we develop a friendship with Him? How can we get to know someone who we have never seen and who we have never heard speak? What do you think is the correct answer to these questions?

Never think that Jesus doesn’t want you to know Him:

Never think that Jesus doesn’t want you to know Him

Getting to know Jesus: Study the Bible!:

Getting to know Jesus: Study the Bible! To get to know Jesus we need to study the testimony of the witnesses who were there when Jesus lived on earth Luke. 1:1-3 To get to know Jesus we need to PAY ATTENTION to the true prophets who witnessed in visions, dreams, messages from God; about Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, High Priestly work in the heavenly sanctuary and His triumphant second coming Luke. 24:27

Part. 11 Knowing Jesus :

Part. 11 Knowing Jesus

John Sung Shang Chieh:

John Sung Shang Chieh Soon after John Sung’s conversion experience he was so captivated by His Savior Jesus that he read the bible 40 times in 193 days. After this experience, deep study of the bible and earnest prayer continued to be his passion and delight for almost every day. He rarely read anything else He became so saturated with the Word of God that he could preach, at a moments notice

The result of his study of the Bible:

The result of his study of the Bible This was possible because of his years of seeing, looking upon, handling, and absorbing the Bible through prayerful study The Holy Spirit was able to use him to convict over 100,000 to become believers in Jesus in three years in China from 1933 to 1936

Part. 111 Don’t be afraid to witness:

Part. 111 Don’t be afraid to witness Promises that Jesus has made to all believers who in spite of fear will be His witnesses: Matt. 10:17-20 ( He will give us the words) Luke. 9: 1-2 ( Power and authority over all devils and the same to cure diseases) H.M.S. Richards Jr. said: “ If you really want excitement. If you really want God’s miracle working power in your life, just have the Courage to begin to witness to those around you about Christ”

Promises from Jesus to His Witnesses:

Promises from Jesus to His Witnesses Matt 4:19 ( He will make His followers fishers of men) John 15:16 ( We will bear fruit –new believers –and they will remain ) Adam Clark’s Comm. States; “He must labour so as to bring forth fruit, i.e. to get souls converted to the Lord.”

More promises:

More promises Luke 10: 16- ( We speak on behalf of Jesus. Those who reject us, are really rejecting Jesus and God the Father ) Luke 10: 17-19 ( power over dangerous creatures and power over all the power of the enemy )

Jesus’ summary to all His witnesses :

Jesus’ summary to all His witnesses Read Matt. 10: 22-38,40. Jesus knows that we will face many dangerous situations because we have chosen to be His witnesses in this world of His enemies; but twice He repeats His appeal to all His witnesses “Fear them not”,vs.26 “…fear not them…”vs.28 and then He sums it all up by saying “Fear ye not therefore…”vs.31


DON’T FEAR Witnessing is not hard. It is easy. YOU CAN DO IT. Light doesn't have to work hard at lighting a room. IT IS NATURAL Witnessing is also natural. It’s like breathing. When you breath in Jesus, you must breath out Jesus to stay alive. You can’t just breathe in and hold it.

Vision of Mrs. White:

Vision of Mrs. White A Reformatory Movement In visions of the night, representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among God's people. Many were praising God. The sick were healed, and other miracles were wrought. A spirit of intercession was seen, even as was manifested before the great Day of Pentecost. Hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and

Vision continues…:

Vision continues… opening before them the word of God. Hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit, and a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest. On every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth. The world seemed to be lightened with the heavenly influence. Great blessings were received by the true and humble people of God. I heard voices of thanksgiving and praise,

Those who refuse to be converted :

Those who refuse to be converted and there seemed to be a reformation such as we witnessed in 1844. {9T 126.1} Yet some refused to be converted. They were not willing to walk in God's way, and when, in order that the work of God might be advanced, calls were made for freewill offerings, some clung selfishly to their earthly possessions. These covetous ones became separated from the company of believers. {9T 126.2}

Which group will you choose? :

Which group will you choose? In the end there will be two groups: Those who are converted and will naturally witness for Christ Those who will refuse to be converted and will naturally refuse to be witnesses for Jesus WHICH GROUP WILL YOU CHOOSE? May it be the group of the CONVERTED.