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1 Make Him Desire You™ by Alex Carter

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Ever seen a kid at the candy store I bet you have. Now imagine the same kid staring all over the store from corner to corner and salivating over every little to big piece of candy in the store. At first he just wants the red candy but then he looks at the green one and that appears to be more delicious so he changes his mind and now wants the green one. But he doesn’t stop there. Suddenly he sees the pink candy and now he has changed his mind all over again and wants the pink one. He finally gets the pink one eagerly unwraps it and quickly puts it in his mouth. He absolutely loves how it tastes but suddenly his mind wonders – If this one tastes this good I wonder what the other ones taste like Then he forces his dad to buy him the green one and then also the red one. But even after tasting 3 candies one after another he still wants more. Something similar goes on in a man’s mind when it comes to women and attraction. There is no guarantee that if he likes or even loves you right now this feeling is going to sustain in his mind and he will continue to like or love you forever. In fact most men are absolutely unconscious to this reality and are in a reactive mode. In other words they are completely at prey to their emotions and only act on how they feel around you. 2

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If they feel good around you they like you. If they feel attached to you they love you. And if they feel sexual around you they will try to have sex with you. You probably know how the drill runs right But does that mean that you can’t do anything to ensure that he remains attracted to you over the long term No. In fact there are things you can do which will make him completely ignore his natural urges and will make him see you as a high quality woman. A woman he would never ever want to let go. But before I even explain the process to you let me give you 3 big reasons why you absolutely must learn this... Big reason 1 – Most don’t know that they don’t know but they think they know… At first this looks like a fancy play of words but try to read the above once again. You will realize that the point I’m trying to make is simple – Women assume that they understand men and how their mind works but they really don’t. I don’t mean to sound rude or arrogant but majority of women I coach have very little to no idea regarding how the male mind functions and nor do they understand the primary drivers behind why men do what they do. 3

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So when you don’t clearly understand the true motivation behind why a man ignores you or avoids you then you will never be able to alter that reality. However Im also not blaming you for it. No one is taught this subject in school therefore its not really your fault for not having enough information in this area. However the issue I usually encounter is that some women assume that they understand everything and there is nothing new under the sun. Thats the point when they often harm themselves because they dont focus on where they could be going wrong. Big reason 2 – You might assume that it’s the man’s fault when It’s really not… I might get some heat for saying this and some women might even absolutely hate me but do you know that in certain situations - where you assumed that it was the man’s fault it really wasn’t Have you ever found your man staring at other women while he was out on a date with you How did it make you feel and the big question is – How did you react when you finally caught him casually glancing at that hot blonde in the corner of the room The standard reaction is to blame the man and mark him as a good for nothing loser who can’t control himself. But I have a different view on this and because of it I’m going to say something outrageous now – It’s not the man’s fault. I know I know Sounds ridiculous right 4

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Well stay with me because I’ll explain why I said this very soon but before that let me get to the big reason number 3. Big reason 3 – You will get total control of his mind when you understand how he works… Okay now don’t take this the wrong way but if you learn and apply everything you’re going to discover in this report you will find yourself in a very strong position around your man or any man for that matter. To prove this further Id like to give you an example. The example of a moving train. How do you stop a moving train No really think about it – How do you stop a moving train Do you stand in front of it and assume that just like superwoman you will be able to bring it to a complete halt No Well It’s obvious that you can’t stop a moving train by standing in front of it in fact that’s a perfect recipe to get yourself killed but why do so many women do this with the man in their life Trying to make a man do something by asking forcing begging pleading or even arguing indirectly means that you are standing in front of the train and hoping that it would stop. The truth is - It won’t. 5

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So how do you really stop a moving train Well first you wait for the time it’s gets slow then you run along side it then you get into the train and make your way to the main engine and then control the engine from the inside. That’s the easiest way. With a man you need to do something similar as well. By working on him from the inside you will have his unconditional love and devotion or as long as you want. So now I would like to transition into the next part and tell you 2 really important truths about men which simply can’t be ignored… Truth 1 – Men are always fighting their inner urges… Life for a man is pretty complicated. Much more complicated than you can ever imagine. Do you know why It’s because majority of the men don’t understand their own psychology and emotions and are in a reactive mode. Nature didn’t design us to be monogamous. It designed us to ensure the survival of the human race therefore we naturally desire to spread our seed around among as many women as possible. I know this sounds like a very nasty thought but for some weird reason we come from the factory that way. So just think about it – When you catch your man looking at other women and call him out on it he won’t really have a good enough reason or answer for it. Becuase the truth is – It’s not an easy answer either way. 6

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Deep down he is really fighting his strong inner urges which were given to him by good old mother nature. But then he also has expectations from your end and the society as a whole which just confuses him. In fact some men can take this as a personal attack on their freedom when they are judged for staring at other women. They assume – I am feeling these strong urges all the time while she is asking me to completely neglect this and do what she wants me to do. Now the cold truth is this – Since nature designed men this way it’s not something you can take out of them by standing in front of the train. Rather you will have to work with this weakness and turn it in your favor. I’ll show you how to do that soon but before that let me give you the second truth about men… Truth 2 – When you understand his weaknesses you turn into his ultimate dream girl… This is completely counter-intuitive and isn’t something most women even understand let alone actually try. We have already established that guys are genetically wired to pursue many woman but once you understand this weakness and work with it you will turn into this special girl he would never ever want to let go. You see – Men do want many women but the moment they find a high quality woman the woman who finally gets their psychology the right way they can’t help but get strong inner urges to trap her and be around her as much as possible. 7

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You see his mindset and actions around you will be completely different to his actions around other women once you get this. In other words he will find himself in a consistent state of desire for you and will find it hard to think of anyone else but you. Okay so now you understand the 3 big reasons why you need to understand this and also 2 core truths about men. Now the next question is – How do you actually do it How do you make him feel a consistent level of desire for you The formula is quite simple – In order to keep him consistently attracted to you you need to make sure he remains in the bubble of desire. But what is this bubble of desire Well it basically means a state of mind where a man feels a strong need to capture you. In other words it is a state of mind where whenever he thinks of you – He experiences strong feelings of love and attraction for you. So how does it actually work Well in order to make him stay in the bubble of desire you need to do 2 really important things… 1- You need to give him the illusion that he has captured you. 2- You break that illusion once in a while and let him work a little harder to capture you again. What do I mean when I say give him the illusion that he’s captured you Well since we have already established that a man is genetically wired to pursue as many women as possible. He naturally experiences strong inner desires and urges to chase a woman until the time he captures her. 8

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This is why you will see that at first a man works really hard specially at the early stages of the relationship. He holds hands and kisses you in public puts others things on hold just to spend time with you and even makes you feel really good as often as possible. But when a little bit of time passes by and you find yourself falling for him more and more you witness that he is withdrawing a little and things between you two aren’t as intense as they used to be. The reason why this happens is because he has captured you and now the chase has ended. As long as a woman is a big challenge a man will find himself emotionally charged and is ready to do anything to get her. But once he gets her he finds himself a little bored and wonders – Okay I have her now. What’s next So when you give him the illusion that he has captured you you are showing him that he does have a little access to you but he still doesn’t have complete access. This makes him feel a consistent level of emotional charge and this is where he will find himself in a constant state of desire for you. But you must be thinking – Wait a minute here does this mean I have to keep on making him chase me What if I want to be in a relationship with him This sounds like a game and I don’t like playing games. Well the truth is – You don’t have to keep on doing this rather you will only do this when you feel that your relationship is getting a little bit stale. 9

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And if you feel this is too much of a game then you need to once again read my analogy on how to stop a moving train. Men are genetically wired this way and you can’t get them to feel a consistent level of desire if you aren’t willing to work with their weakness. Okay so now let’s get to our second point – Second point states that you break the illusion that he has captured you once in a while and make him work hard to capture you once again. This means the moment he feels that he has completely captured you you must do something which indirectly shows him that there is a lot more to do and he might have to work a little harder. I have an interesting story which illustrates this point really well… I had a client who was in a long distance relationship. She met this man on a dating site and this guy did all the chasing at first. He used to speak to her for 5 to 6 hours on Skype daily from his workplace in fact he was spending most of his time just speaking to her. The things were really hot for the first few weeks and then they finally decided to meet. The meeting went way better for my client than what she could have ever expected. They met quite a few times after that and things seemed to be going really well up until the middle of the second month. This is when things started to change a little as my client found that she was the one calling a lot more and this man was starting 10

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to get a little distant. Their conversations started getting a little dry and there were times when they didn’t feel like they had much to talk about. Eventually it got to the point where the man claimed that he was busy for most of his days and had a lot of work when in the past he would spend several hours talking to my client from work. So he was clearly lying to her. Eventually my client approached me for help and couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly uninterested in her. After she told me everything I just said one thing – He isn’t in the bubble of desire anymore. He has been pushed too far back due to which he is taking you for granted right now. Then I gave her a very easy solution which is point number 2. I asked her to pull back a lot more and wait for him to make the next move. So for the next few days she didn’t call him at all nor did she email him. In other words she broke the daily pattern she was following. After the first couple of days the man emailed her and asked if she would like to come talk to him on Skype. Once again according to my instructions she told him that she was a little busy and will be busy for a while and will talk to him whenever she gets some time. After the third day or so this same man was sending her several emails per day and was showing the same level of interest he showed at the early phases. 11

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So the lesson was simple here – When the man knew that he had captured the girl he suddenly felt – Okay so what’s next now In short – He felt a little bored because he was out of the pursuit mode. All I really did was ask my client to put him back into the pursuit mode and make him work a little for her attention. This fixed everything and he was back in the bubble of desire. So now try to use this same formula in your own personal life and look for areas where you might have given a little bit too much. Areas where you know that maybe you pushed your man outside the bubble of desire. It could be something as simple as – Calling him too much being too eager to meet him showing too much love/affection when he isn’t reciprocating or even things like putting your whole life on hold to make time for him. I hope you get the point. To conclude what do you think will happen when you put this advice into action You will witness that men drool after you exactly like a puppy drools after a piece of bone. Yeah the analogy sounds a little exaggerated but is absolutely true. However at this point you must be thinking - what if it doesn’t work for me Well here are two common situations where this advice might not work… 12

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Situation 1 – When the things are beyond the point of return in your relationship… What does point of return even mean Well in simple terms when your partner has seen you in your absolute worst form and understands you from inside to outside to a point where things seem irreparable that is where this advice might not work. I have clients come to me who have seen both verbal and emotional abuse yet still want this to work in their relationship. The problem is that when the issue is so deep that it’s goes beyond the point of return you might only hurt yourself more by making it work. I can talk about this for hours but this is another topic for another day so let’s get to the second situation where it doesn’t work. Situation 2- When you don’t believe it will work and make mental judgments instead of trying it out… I can’t tell you how many women I know who tell me that they’ve tried it all but nothing works when in reality they haven’t really acted on the advice they were given. It is one thing to think of something in your mind and rationally analyze it just in your mind. And it’s completely another thing to actually go out there and put it into action. Most women never act because in their own mind they make an assumption that it’s not going to work for them so why even bother trying This is a massive mistake. The thing is – If you just take action and stop over-analyzing things you will be surprised at how quickly your life actually changes. 13

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Therefore I hope you put this advice into action as fast as possible and Ill love to hear some success stories from your end soon. All the best. Alex 14

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