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What Business Leaders Can Learn From What Happened in Iran:

What Business Leaders Can Learn From What Happened in Iran Ariel Silverstone, CISSP

‘twas the night before …. :

‘twas the night before …. Evening on June 14. This is the first day after the Iranian elections... Rumors started flying-about that Iran has shut off Internet service to the rest of the world, and in particular, to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. … (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 2

Meanwhile, in lran:

Meanwhile, in lran (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 3 19: 29 06/13/09 (all times GMT) sahibmirza : it was a rigged election in Iran and its time for regulars to hit the road.staying away is not an option any more.NO to ahmedinajat . 19: 30 michael_SWC : Ahmadinejad Attacks Foreign Coverage of Iran Election ( <– first rumored accusation against foreign press 19:30 gossiptest: Gossip News- Riots Break Out In Iran Over The Re-Election Of Ahmadinejad [Iranian Elections]: Protes.. <– first rumors of riots in Iran 19:3 2 my66: Iran Election Rigged? Mousavi Accusations Land Him In Prison <– first rumors of Mousavi arrested 19:3 4 tangesq: Reports and vids coming out of Iran are troubling: election monitors crying fraud, 50-100 dead, Mousavi possibly under house arrest <– first report of deaths in riots 19:3 5 vlfuller: For those at all interested in the elections in Iran, check out the photos here. –Share this news: ( ) <– first picture of violence transmitted on Twitter / Flicker

What Does an Internet Shutoff Look like?:

What Does an Internet Shutoff Look like? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 4 Source: Renesys

Why Could We See Tweets?:

Why Could We See Tweets? The secret is in the sauce: BGP "…[Internet] excellence can be measured in such terms as responsiveness, scalability, resilience to disruption, and ability to adapt to changing needs…" (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 5

“Call for Action”:

“Call for Action” (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 6 @nzanjani: help crash iran’s leading hardline newspaper! click and leave open! #iranelection DDoS 4 freedom

Manuals Getting (more and more) Specific:

Manuals Getting (more and more) Specific (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 7 02:18 xxxxx How to DDOS (in a good way) Iran’s state-run media website. Please RT. # iranelection And 02:19 Cyberwar DDoS package being distributed to take down Iranian gov sites. flood and ping flood. <– the tool was aptly named,

And, Meanwhile, on Facebook..:

And, Meanwhile, on Facebook.. (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 8 And the Iranian Government Reaction?

What Do You Call The Irony?:

What Do You Call The Irony? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 9!

What Came First – The or The ? :

What Came First – The or The ? Twitter announced that it is changing a long-scheduled downtime for maintenance to a different day and time due to the situation in Iran. The exact language is: …In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight’s planned maintenance has been rescheduled to … Later, on June 16, 2009, CNN reported the following: “ Senior officials say the (US) State Department is working with Twitter and other social networking sites to ensure Iranians are able to continue to communicate to each other and the outside world… (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 10

Peeling The Onion:

Peeling The Onion (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 11

What’s Beneath The Layers?:

What’s Beneath The Layers? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 12

Some Stats…:

Some Stats… Tweeter has been pegged at 185 tweets per second Which is about 15 million tweets per day. The tweets regarding Iran have now pegged at 3.35% of all tweets. 3.35%  X  185 = 6.2 Tweets per second , about Iran (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 13

Return of (Green) Jedi:

Return of (Green) Jedi (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 14 …Over the last two weeks, the Iranian regime has worked aggressively to stop its citizens from getting uncensored information about what is happening inside their country, and to prevent them from exercising their fundamental rights to free speech and free assembly online. The Iranian regime continues to jam satellite and radio broadcasts, disrupt cell phone service, monitor Internet use, and block websites…


Freebird (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 15

So What To Do?:

So What To Do? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 16

So What To Do?:

So What To Do? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 17

So What To Do?:

So What To Do? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 18

So What To Do?:

So What To Do? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 19

So What To Do?:

So What To Do? (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 20

Thank You!:

Thank You! (c) Ariel Silverstone, 2009 21 ?