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Invisalign resolves all of the uncomfortable appearance issues that patients have with traditional braces. The treatment is carried out with the use of invisible aligners or trays which are custom-made to address specific orthodontic issues.


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Why Should You Choose Invisalign What do you think makes a smile perfect Undoubtedly it is your teeth Nothing can beat the look of neatly aligned teeth. Moreover aligned teeth help in the proper maintenance of oral hygiene. Crowded or misaligned teeth can be a hindrance to your beautiful smile. Cleaning can also become complicated when teeth are crooked. If you are thinking to straighten your teeth it is a wise thought And if metal braces and wires are making you think twice about straightening your teeth then it’s time to switch on to Invisalign. Yes Say Hi to the most convenient method for teeth straightening. These virtually ​invisible braces work incredibly on your teeth. At Argonaut dental we have experienced ​dentist in Saratoga who can provide you with ​Invisalign in Saratoga ​. Get that perfection you’ve always wanted to have for your teeth with Invisalign Invisalign braces are so much comfortable to wear. It is made up of a plastic material that will stay smooth in your mouth. Unlike traditional braces you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in the wires or braces while eating. With Invisalign it’s made simpler. You can remove your Invisalign braces while you eat. Nothing like eating your food in a much comfortable manner. Especially without braces These detachable transparent braces are going popular among the

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youngsters. Even adults prefer Invisalign because these braces can hardly be identified on their teeth by their onlookers. Healthy teeth and gums Brushing and flossing are made convenient with Invisalign braces. You don’t have to navigate between the pairs and wires. All you have to do is remove your Invisalign braces before you brush and floss and follow your cleaning routine as usual. Consequently accumulation of plaque becomes less likely and thereby protecting your teeth and gums from gingivitis. Invisalign braces work great in strengthening your oral health. Less joint stress Misaligned teeth can cause tension on the supporting joints and jawbone. It also leads to excessive wear on your teeth which can result in the severe condition like temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMD. Invisalign provides you with an ideal bite so that you experience good oral health. Supports your lifestyle You can enjoy your special occasion without your braces. Be it eating or sporting enjoy all your favorite activities You don’t have to compromise on anything. Invisalign allows you to be free Amidst the facilities that Invisalign provides you make sure that you stick to the specified hours to be worn for best results. For information on ​Invisalign cost ​ call us 408 867-1800.

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