Good Christmas presents for kids

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If you’re looking for some good Christmas present for kids, AWTYK have some great ideas to consider. We’re going to offer some other ideas for presents that your kids will love. For more information visit


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Good Christmas presents for kids

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Good Christmas presents for kids you've probably never thought of! At this time of year it can be easy to be swept into a sea of adverts on TV, radio, and in print about the latest craze or must-have toy. To help you keep afloat, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for good Christmas presents for your kids. Rather than list all the must-have toys and gadgets set for release before Christmas, we’re going to offer some other ideas for presents that your kids will love. So here is our list of great gifts for Christmas that you might not have thought of!

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Double-Sided Easel These simple easels have delighted kids for years. And they make an amazing addition to any house to encourage creativity in your little ones. Most good toy shops and craft places have their own version of this. We like double-sided ones that feature a blackboard on one side. This means your kids get to enjoy loads of arty fun, from pencils to paints, to chalk. And with prices like £29.99 for this double sided easel Amazon or £25 for Hobbycraft , there’s no reason to break the bank either.

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Balance Bikes Balance bikes are designed to be your child’s very first bike. They are also the ideal present to encourage your child to be active and develop their balance and motor skills. There’s no pedals or chain, so nothing for little finger to get trapped in. There is an astonishing range of colours and styles available. From KidzMotion’s wooden bikes to Pendleton or Wiggins brand balance bikes that look just like the adult bicycle range..

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Personalised Books Books are always a good Christmas present for kids, but personalised books make for a truly special gift. These have become very popular lately with adults and kids alike. Even big names like Peppa Pig are available to make a personalised adventure for your child and their favourite pig.  Sites like ‘ notonthehighstreet ’, ‘ prezzybox ’ and ‘ penwizard ’ offer different personalised gifts for you to choose from. You’re sure to find characters and stories your kids will love.

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My First Telescope This one might seem like an odd choice for a Christmas present, but we promise, there is a reason we’ve included it! Sets like the Learning Resources ‘My first Telescope’ prove a fascinating, fun present for toddlers and young children. We mention this set especially because it does feature magnification. That means your child can enjoy exploring the world around them, capturing and developing their senses.

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