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Make The Most Of Your Heat Pump In Cold Weather By Following These 7 Tips:

Make The Most Of Your Heat Pump In Cold Weather By Following These 7 Tips

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Heat pumps are a great option for most of the homeowners, very much anywhere. In fact, they’re the most affordable choice when compared to any other electric heating procedures that produce original heat. Most importantly, heat pumps are an excellent way to optimize your yearlong heating & cooling expense. However, regardless of all these advantages, many homeowners still are in doubt to buy a heat pump for cold weather . How can a heat pump pull heat from the air when it’s very cold outside? Here are 7 things you must know about running your heat pump during winter that may be your final push towards having one fitted in your home.

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1 – Defrost mode can be frightening, but it is essential for heat pump function during the winter. Ice may start to develop on your exterior components when the heat plunges below freezing. If this happens, your heat pump will overturn operation to unfreeze those components. But, this will only for a short time and is absolutely normal.

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2 –If it looks like the defrost mode is kicking on rather frequently, ensure you contact your local heating & air contractor. Though the defrost mode is a usual part of thefunction , anything that looks strange should be taken care of by an expert. 3 – It’s a great idea to merge your heat pump with a gas furnace, particularly if you’re living in a region that plunges below-freezing rather frequently. By doing so, you can get electric heating down to a particular extent, and then switch to gas heating which can be the most competent heating method. Cold Weather heat pump act as a dual heating system.

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4 - Make everything programmable because by doing so you don’t need to concern about regularly monitoring the thermostat. When you’ve your new heat pump fitted, ask your contractor regarding a programmable thermostat. 5 - Ensure that you’re paying attention to the filter of your heat pump. This will ensure that the air you’re getting from your heat pump in the winter is the best in quality. 6 - Ensure you plan a tune-up at least once a year to ensure that your heat pump is in the best condition and ready for the cooling season.

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7 - Ask your cooling & heating contractor explicate the best practices for running a heat pump during the winter in your area. They should have the best knowledge about how to operate a heat pump efficiently during the cold weather . Our Arctic Series Cold Climate Heat Pumps are the most advanced & affordable air source heat pump with the capacity to heat your home, office, shop, and pool/hot tub.  Using the industry’s top Mitsubishi EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor alongside DC variable speed input, our heat pumps can operate incessantly in weather as low as -25 C. Visit us now to find more info on the functionality of our heat pump in cold weather.

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