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Are you thinking to buy an air source heat pump? If yes, then you should look no further than Arctic Heat Pumps. For more information about our heat pump systems, please visit our website at


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Why Do You Buy Arctic Air Source Heat Pump

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Heat pump technology has been highly adopted in the pool industry for its significant cost savings. Most pool heat pumps can save pool owners over 70 in heating costs. But these heat pumps have two main problems: ◎ These heat pumps work during the swimming pool season and lose their efficiency quickly as the outdoor temperature minimizes. ◎ Their output is over 80 degrees – which is too cold for hot tub temperature. Until now most spa owners adapt standard electric heating systems. But nowadays electricity is becoming more and more expensive and will continue to go further. However the Arctic series air source heat pump comes in three sizes. 2

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The smaller SPA-025ZA is perfect to use for hot tub and spa owners. The heat pump produces 9KW – high temperature rating and 5KW – low temperature rating of heat energy. This smaller heat pump can deliver the temperature rating in temperatures as low as 20 F -7C. It provides homeowners with operationalcost savings over ordinaryspa heaters. The larger SPA-045ZA heat pump is perfect for swim spas. This heat pump can deliver up to 19 KW in warm temperatures as well as 10 KW in colder temperatures. The Pool-060ZA is used for pool owners looking to extend their pool season. This pool heat pump can operate in temperatures as low as 20F - 7F. If you want a heat pump in climates exceeding this temperature range you can opt for the Hybrid Heat pump system that comes with a backup of 5.5 KW Balboa Spa Pack. This system will provide additional heating power automatically when required. 3

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Why Do You Invest in Arctic Air Source Heat Pump ◎ High-temperature Water Outlet – ◎ Generally the Arctic Air Source Heat Pump can provide up to 104°F high temperature water. This heat pump is used in hot tubs and spas. ◎ Heat Exchanger – ◎ The heat pump features with a titanium heat exchanger that ensures a great level of durability. This heat pumps use titanium to stand up against the harsh spa or pool environment that can have high levels of bromine or chlorine. ◎ Neat Distribution of Pipelines – ◎ As soon as you open the casing of the heat pump unit you’ll find the neat distribution of copper and water pipelines. With them it will make the heat pump maintenance much easier. 4

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◎ Cost Savings – ◎ When you use Arctic series heat pump you’ll save up to 70 on the heating bill of your pool or hot tub. This heat pump offers Cop of up to 6.4. This means for every KW you spend operating your heat pump you will get 6.4KW heat energy which allows you get net 5.4KW free heat. It works substantially better than any other gas or electric heater available on the market. ◎ Operation in Low Ambient Temperature – ◎ Arctic air source heat pump is the only heat pump technology in North America which is designed specifically to work in cold weather conditions. This heat pump has hot gas defrost and reversing valve that makes sure that the unit delivers useable heat energy in low temperatures i.e. 20 F -7 C. 5

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Heater and Chiller in One Unit – All of the pool and spa heat pumps available at Arctic Heat Pumps are both heaters and chillers in one unit. The heat pump maintains the perfect temperature automatically by switching from heating to cooling mode as required. This heat pump unit is ideal to work in hot summer climates and you’ll welcome the heat waves by taking a refreshing dip in a pool. 6

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Conclusion Are you thinking to buy an air source heat pump If yes then you should look no further than Arctic Heat Pumps. For more information about our heat pump systems please visit our website at solar.html. 7

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