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Andrew Jackson:

Andrew Jackson The Worst President of the U.S.A. Ever

Years in Office:

Years in Office He served a total of two terms, or eight years, as president From 1829-1837

He managed to…:

He managed to… Ignore a decision of the supreme court, becoming the first president to trounce all over the checks and balances that the U.S. is founded on, And shut down the U.S. national bank, dealing a notable blow to the U.S. economy whose ramifications would not be seen in earnest until Martin van Buren became president in 1838

Without Jackson being elected…:

Without Jackson being elected… The nation would not have the dark splotch of the Trail of Tears marring its history The national bank would have survived for years to come, lessening the effects of depressions throughout the next hundred years of U.S. history The spoils system, in which political allies obtain positions instead of those who deserve them, would never have seen the light of day, and the U.S. would have been all the better for it.

So remember, JACKSON IS A JACK-something!:

So remember, JACKSON IS A JACK-something!

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