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Stop designing your infrastructure or buildings in 2D, turn to BIM Modeling Services :

Stop designing your infrastructure or buildings in 2D, turn to BIM Modeling Services 1


2 BIM or Building Information Modeling stands is a process wherein building design professionals can design, construct and manage new or existing infrastructure. Building Information Modeling firms work with building design to generate a 3D model or representation of a real structure and all its elements. Building Information Modeling or BIM Services provided by consultants or AEC firms use Modern BIM Authoring software for complex structures or projects. Large projects can leverage substantial benefits from BIM Modeling Services , wherein these tools offer a comprehensive suite of features for all civil trades.


3 Taking authoring to another level requires 3D design capabilities and modern software like Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, ArchiCAD, etc. provides users with enhanced visualization, accuracy and precision. BIM is used by various trades viz. Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), MEP or Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and the Structural Part as well. Strong features of BIM The goal of BIM is building and using an information-rich 3D model that users can access and manipulate at their convenience. BIM as a process and its software can be used at every stage of the building process, it is the most crucial element to create a strong bidding platform, as a result serves as a strong connection from planning to design and construction to maintenance. It includes building elements in the form of dimensions, right from 3D to 7D, wherein 3D represents the design phase, 4D represents the scheduling phase, 5D represents the cost estimation phase, 6D corresponds to sustainability and 7D to post-construction facility management or maintenance.


4 Efficient Planning The first step in Building Construction starts with Planning, BIM Modeling Services provide users and stakeholders to plan on a federated model and work on the same design, wherein the pilot or initial design can be sent to the owner for approval. Precision 3D Modeling BIM software or BIM services significantly cater to 3D modeling capabilities. Once all the elements and parameters have been integrated with the 3D model, it is very easy for owners and stakeholders to visualize the real model in 3D space. A BIM coordinated model runs various physics simulations to understand the behavior of real-life elements through software. This includes clash detection, energy calculations, etc. On-site construction When its time to move on-site, Building Information Modeling Firms provide valuable information on construction safety, protocols, equipment handling, element locations, time-to-completion and more.


5 BIM Software Features Migrate from 2D to 3D BIM software like Revit and Navisworks make it easy for designers and modelers to import or export 2D drafts and update it to a 3D form. Accurate 3D Models This is one of the most important feature of BIM software wherein models can be created, rendered and produced in a 3D format. The final model is a high-quality render that can be scaled, navigated and interacted with. Storing Documents For complex projects, there’s a large team that contributes design ideas, thus changes are made on a regular basis on a single model. BIM platforms use cloud technology to store all their data on a single repository for all the users to access and manage.


6 Fabrication Detailing BIM Services offer fabrication vendors a chance to create accurate parts or elements based on the BIM model. Integrating BIM Modeling Services can facilitate MEP fabrication detailing to create systems that integrate with Building Design. BIM software like Revit and Navisworks make it easy for designers and modelers to import or export 2D drafts and update it to a 3D form. Importance of Building Information Modeling Firms Capture reality in 3D space – It is imperative for designers or modelers to capture the essence of a real-world building. This means understanding how a building will interact with external elements through 3D modeling capabilities. Storing Documents Track Project Progress – With BIM software at their disposal, owners and stakeholders can track project progress through improved collaboration and centralized storage. Clash Detection - BIM authoring software provides designers and modelers the power to resolve clashes before on-site construction begins. Whilst learning about these mistakes at a very early stage, architects, owners, stakeholders and various teams can understand errors in the model and mitigate the risk of clashes in the system, saving on time and money for the owner.


7 Remote Access With state-of-the-art remote technology and BIM software, users can access files from a remote location and make changes in the model over the cloud. Final takeaways – Now that you know a bit about BIM, you can easily understand its power when it comes to designing and modeling. The effectiveness of a single 3D model can bring about significant improvements in the entire modeling process saving on time and budget. The future of Building Information Modeling Firms continues to grow in the construction sector as developing and developed nations have started adapting to change through  Improved visualization  Greater productivity  Enhanced coordination  Faster turn-around times  Reducing costs

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