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Research Proposal on the Topic: Gourmet Market Growth Course Details: Course Title: Business Communication Section: A Submitted to: Rana Faqeer M. Aslam Assistant Professor Submitted by: MBASP09-A-B4 Name ID Muhammad Mustafa 001 Muhammad Arbab Jehangir 003 Muhammad Ijaz Yousaf 005 Muhammad Zubair Rafique 007

Back ground:

Back ground The past research has reveals the following facts which can be use in proposal Recorded revenues. Gourmet starts its beverages in Lahore and it has got positive response. In this way they increased their revenues Gourmet is ranked as strong competitor against leading soft drinks companies.


CONT…. Gourmet has various different brands in many cities. Gourmet Company consists of bakers, soft drinks and food products. According to previous research on Gourmet in many cities expand closed doors for Gourmet to offer their best practices, and to capture the market share.


Proposal The company has now want to increased its market share and now its market share is about 21% Now the company has 150000 retailers through out the country Company has increased its EBIT to 24% the now revenue is 35 million Strategies it should adopt: According to the previous research and the customers wants the following things are observed through this Gourmet can earn the more revenues and there will be increase in the market share A customer complains that the supply chain is good but not to that level that have by other companies like PEPSI and Coke.


CONT… Gourmet has to advanced supply chain system in Sahiwal as well as other cities. As the prices are low other competitors are charging high prices so Gourmet can easily establish its strong standing in the market. A trend is also observed in the customers that they prefer to use coke and Pepsi because these companies capture customers by more advertisement. So Gourmet has to give more and more ads in Newspaper, Cable and other Media. According to the previous research and the customers wants the following things are observed through this GOURMET can earn the more revenues and there will be increase in the market share


Methodology In order to complete the research effectively we have used the following methods Internet while conducting the research we will be focusing on two data collection methods i.e. qualitative research and the quantitative research. Further in the qualitative research we will just be carried out in the depth interviews. Appropriate duration for interview will be 35-45 minutes individually. Our survey includes in depth interviews with the shopkeepers of Sahiwal, investors and shopkeepers and owners of other shopping malls in Sahiwal.


CONT… We will have to identify these influencers. Focus groups also come under the category of the qualitative study but we will not be doing it because of the reason that the people connected with our research include the general public, shopkeepers, investors and owners and competitors etc. cannot be brought at one place together for a focus group because of some difference in their knowledge and standard. The second method which is the quantitative research will include the questionnaires. We will get the questionnaires filled from above mentioned influencers.


Budget In our research the expenses we would be incurring are the fuel expenses, printing of documentations, transportation. We do not have the mobility facility. We will divided the group into four members. In order to carry out the research each member would be going in to the market and would conduct the research as planned. We would be using three motor bikes in total, one car being used by each as per requirement. Keeping these facts in mind, the total expenses would be:


BUDGET BUDGET ITEMS COST (Rs) Formal and informal interviews 1000 Publication expenses 800 Traveling expenses 1000 Telecommunication expenses 1000 Petty expenses 700 Research assistance 300 Proposal fees 200 ---------- Total 5000 _______


Staffing In this research the following persons have contributed a lot. They contribute their physical, mental and experience efforts, all researchers are students of MBA (2nd Semester) and belong to different areas; Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad Arbab Jehangir Muhammad Zubair Rafique Muhammad Ijaz Yousaf


Schedule We will divide our time schedule into following phases: TIME REQUIRED CONTENTS Final research proposal 2 Week Exploratory interviews 1 Week Questionnaire revision 1 Week Field interviews 2 Week Editing and coding 4 days Data analysis 3 days Report generation 1 Week

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