Cost Effective Copper Tube for Fittings


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Aras Company provides cost effective solution to many pipe work and tube by copper tube. They give fast class excellent fabrication and joining properties services at competitive rates.


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Cost Effective Copper Tube for Fittings :

Cost Effective Copper Tube for Fittings UAE based Aras General Trading Company manufacturer and distributor of cost effective copper tube in across Europe. Copper Tube used in medical fittings, refrigeration fittings, plumbing and automotive braking circuits and other engineering applications.

Copper Tube - Principals :

Copper Tube - Principals Balma Piston Compressor Air Work Pneumatics General Europe Vacuum Walker Filtration Tormac Pumps Bambi Sailent Compressor Solberg Filtration Lawton Tubes Worthington Cryssensac Compressors

AIRnet Piping System:

AIRnet Piping System AIRnet pipes and fittings are assembled in just a few steps by a single installer, without the need for heavy machinery.

Lawton Copper Tubes:

Lawton Copper Tubes

Solberg Filtration:

Solberg Filtration

Tormac Pumps:

Tormac Pumps

Air Work Pneumatics:

Air Work Pneumatics


Advantage High strength and ductility Excellent corrosion resistance Compatibility with a wide range of fluids High thermal and electricity conductivity Excellent fabrication and joining properties

Contact Us::

Contact Us: ARAS GENERAL TRADING L.L.C Warehouse No -D 20 Industrial Area-12, P.O.Box-37587. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 6 5387597 Fax: +971 6 5387598 E-Mail: [email protected] Website: Follow Us:



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