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Renewable EnergyWorkshop : 

Renewable EnergyWorkshop Purpose + Objectives + Challenges

Thanks to Partners & Sponsors : 

Thanks to Partners & Sponsors Partners ULERN – Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network OSEA – Ontario Sustainable Energy Association SSMIC – Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre Sponsors IION – Innovation Initiatives Ontario North Brookfield Wind Power NOHFC – Event Partnership Initiative Program Hearst Economic Development Local and Regional Support

Purpose : 

Purpose Provide awareness and a basic understanding of renewable energy alternatives suitable for residential, small business and institutional settings, individually or as part of cooperative ventures

Objectives : 

Objectives Provide individuals with appropriate information to enable them to ask questions relevant to their particular interests or needs Provide information and tools that enable individuals to explore options Provide access to sites/contacts that can assist individuals and groups in making more informed decisions Stimulate interest in development of renewable energy committees and/or cooperatives to optimize costs/benefits

Challenges : 

Challenges Translating global threats into local successes Creating an “Energy Smart” culture Engaging families, home and business, in the art and science of energy conservation Understanding all the energy options, finite, recyclable and renewable, in a manner that enables smart and sustainable choices. Being patient and pragmatic in maneuvering through the gloss, the rhetoric and the mis-direction

Challenges : 

Challenges Adopting cooperative strategies among individuals, companies and communities that help optimize energy solutions. Developing enabling and accommodating regulatory and incentive policies that expedite implementation of clean/green energy options. Note: the Green Energy Act initiative Retaining and improving our life style using sustainable energy practices in light of social, economic and environmental objectives

Agenda : 

Agenda Introduction Social, Economic and Environmental Factors Driving the Shift to Renewable Energy Energy Conservation Renewable Energy Options Biomass Solar Heat Geothermal Solar Electric Wind Making Energy Options Affordable Community Planning Tool for Renewable Energy Options A Few Take Home Messages

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