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Renewable EnergyWorkshop : 

Renewable EnergyWorkshop Lessons Learned & Hind Sight & Due Diligence

Points to Remember : 

Conserve 1st Biggest bang for buck Starts at home and business ? Involve everyone in the “family” Cooperative Approach Emphasize community and/or cooperative based options – economies of scale, minimize costs, flexibility in options, etc. Explore ownership/operating models Seek diversified solutions to help meet multiple objectives/circumstances Points to Remember

More : 

Due diligence Lots of hipe, unspoken words, exaggeration of facts, lack of facts Insist on 3rd party, impartial review of technology and/or product produced Develop community/cooperative (C/C) expert and experience team Do homework, develop question list, be pragmatic – resist sexy, etc. Think about integrated options/systems Solar/biomass, wind/micro-hydro, solar/wind, etc. Explore objectives: heat, power, clean water….?? Emplasize Best Fit, Best Practices and Best Benefits More

More : 

More Municipal “To Do’s”: Be enabling & accommodating, not restrictive & controlling Harmonize by-laws Engage and empower residents and business owners Offer assistance and support on acquisition of funding, incentives, subsidies, etc., etc. Align Phase In/Phase Out Options with Strategies that are Efficient, Effective and Equitable ? Reconsider how Best to Address: Nuclear Refurbishing or New Construction Development and use of Clean Coal Technology Fast Tracking “Credible” Clean and Green Technologies Transition from Restrictive to Enabling and Accommodating Regulatory and Incentive Policies

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