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How to Select The Right Metering Pump For Applications The process of chemical injection will be very successful only when all the variables are considered perfectly and if installation is smooth and effective. Generally the metering pump solutions are widely used in applications such as agriculture chemical process and water treatment to offer vats amount of chemicals when using it in everyday operations. Even though such volumes might be huge the metering procedure should be of high precision for delivering the right amount based on the injection schedules. The injection pressures tend to vary from high to low which requires a high quality pump solution. An array of demanding applications rely on a distinct pump backed by advanced technology to make sure every process can be reliable and successful while adhering to the fluid volumes and injections schedule. The injection pumps are the first choice for any chemical injection process in water treatments plants agricultural and processing applications. Most of the operational modes and styles of the injection pumps are available in the market which is why one should know about the various pump types to choose the perfect one based on their injection applications. Knowing the parameters of pumps While trying to find out which metering pump is viable for the specific chemical injection application one should know about the several parameters that pumps have. 1. Rate of flow: Metering pumps of oversize must be preferred for knowing the right kind of application that is essential for the application is important. The size of the metering pump should be considered based on the flow rate as well as the total capacity of the pump. 2. Construction materials: metering pumps are offered in an array of materials such as PVDF PVC stainless steel of varied grades. Make sure that you consider the application factors as well as exposure to chemical solvents erosion and corrosion. Using plastic pumps having plastic heads would melt in the applications with chemical based solvents while the caustic and acids would demand stainless steel model. 3. Chemical formulations: Chemicals are offered with several formulations ranging from thin to thick vicious while classifying as off gas and slurry transfer. Metering pups of the standard size will be able to deal with clear liquids having high viscosity range. 4. Drivers: The drivers of the metering pumps are generally powered with the sun electricity air gas and water. One must also prefer any environmental hazards that is prevailing in the operating area and the operator using pumps in the remote locations which will not be inspected like that of a controlled environment. 5. Environment: Know whether the pump will be utilized outdoors or indoors. When the pump is used outdoors it must be protected in shelters to prevent exposure to sunlight. The

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pumps that would be used in applications with freezing temperatures will be able to pump the fluids which would not freeze even in that temperature. 6. Control methods: the operator would be able to know whether the pump will be utilized in operations supported by the process signal on or off operation and manual continuous operation. It is an important variable that should be considered when choosing the metering pump. Most types of the metering pumps let the flow rate to be adjusted using the micrometer dial. It would also allow you to change the flow capacity rate as well as the stroke length of the pump. Always remember to choose the metering pups based on the existing work location and environmental concerns. These metering pumps would have the ability to push in high pressure areas but will have difficulty in pulling across long distances.

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