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Diamond Metal Screen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Apron conveyors in India.


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Manufacturer of Apron Conveyors : 

Manufacturer of Apron Conveyors Diamond Metal Screen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Apron conveyors in India.We are reputed supplier of apron conveyors and perforated metal belts manufacturer in India .We have been supplying apron conveyors to many multinational companies across the globe since 14 years and this exposure has given us an unparalled expertise in identifying the appropriate technologies for conveyor solutions.Diamond Aprons Conveyors are a continuous metal belt custom perforated to the required open area to suit the products being processed.

Perforated Metal Belts Manufacturer : 

Perforated Metal Belts Manufacturer Understanding the technical requirements of end users, we have put in our best engineering and manufacturing skills, to successfully produce a wide variety of Apron conveyors required for a variety of applications. Our product range includes Apron Conveyors for Animal Feeds,Apron Conveyors for Pasta & Snacks,Apron Conveyors for Dry Fruits,Apron Conveyors for Pet Foods,Apron Conveyors for Silica Gel,Apron Conveyors for Fabrics,Apron Conveyors for Fibres,Apron Conveyors for Steel,Apron Conveyors for Timber.

Apron Conveyors for Dry Fruits : 

Apron Conveyors for Dry Fruits Apron Conveyors for Mining,Apron Conveyors for Pigments,Apron Conveyors for Wood Chips,Apron Conveyors for Food Processing Industries,Apron Conveyors for Material Handling Industries and Apron Conveyors for Tobacco Industries.We manufacture these wide range of apron conveyors on state of the art machinery used for the required processes which may include perforation, levelling, radius forming, removing of bow and camber etc. Most of these machines are imported form Italy, USA,& Germany.

Apron Conveyors for Steel : 

Apron Conveyors for Steel Diamond Metal Screens (P) Ltd. Under takes all types of high precision and high quality perforation in various shapes like round, oblong, square, or dimpled in a variety of patterns on a variety of material including plain steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass and copper. These aprons provide an ideal and cost effective solution for applications like conveying and transferring a wide range of materials like tobacco, desiccated Coconut, fine chemicals etc. through critical processing conditions, such as high temperature steam, dry air, chemical acids, hot oils, etc. Our Apron Conveyors provide proper open area for exposure towards desired processes.