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After you have developed your own mobile app. You are loving your app’s user interface and user experience, your app icon, and it is working flawlessly on every smartphone device you have tested on. The mobile app you have created is found to be unexplored and is competition-free.


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How Can Mobile Apps Rule the App Stores After you have developed your own mobile app. You are loving your app’s user interface and user experience your app icon and it is working flawlessly on every smartphone device you have tested on. The mobile app you have created is found to be unexplored and is competition-free. According to there are 90 million and 25 million app downloads for both Android and iOS. However there is only one problem and it as the most important problem. That no one is downloading your mobile app. If this is a case you are facing the same problem as many other developers face while they are publishing their mobile apps. However you should not be discouraged by it- if you are having your mobile app and you want the whole world to use it you can make it a reality. Once your mobile app starts to get downloads you will be able to generate some good amount of money. In this post we will discuss how your mobile apps can rule the app downloads on app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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- Creating an Enticing App Icon First and the most important thing someone sees in the app stores is the app icon so the app icon design you are going to choose is important for your success. Because users are going to scroll through the app stores your app icon should be eye-catching and recognizable. You should always choose a design which serves as a clear representation of your mobile app. It should easily provide clues to your customers to what users are going to find in your application after they install it. That being said you should try to keep your mobile app icon as straightforward as possible and not that flashy. There is an old saying simplicity is best and you do not want your app to be cluttered and confusing. - Social Media Outreach Before deciding on which social media platform to use for developing your application’s public perception you initially need to decide where to begin from. Meaning that your social media voice should match your mobile app personality. Who is your app If it was a person what would it act and sound like Whenever you are going to post something new you should use that same voice on a consistent basis. If your app is cool and cutting-edge you should not bore your audience with slang business language. However if your mobile app is targeting young professionals that slang business language may suit your audience as well. The social media platforms where your application can get the most attention are: ● YouTube ● Twitter ● FaceBook ● FourSquare ● LinkedIn ● Pinterest However you should not only post promotions and information related to your mobile application on these platforms. You should also engage and create conversations with your users. Moreover you should reply your mobile app voice for increasing the engagement. Therefore such praises will lead to the good mouth of word of your commitment to your users and therefore it will result in the increase in downloads.

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- Name and Describe Your Mobile App Properly A good app title means there is a difference between users getting to know about your product by its name and referring to your app as “This Thing on my Smartphone”. Therefore you always want your mobile app title to stick in your user’s mind the name should be unique and appropriate. While no one can give you the perfect name for your mobile app here are some of the tips in order to come up with the name for your mobile application: ● Do not use the app names which are already existing. You do an extensive research before settling for the final name of your app and then click Publish or else you might have to face the lawyers in case name is found to be similar ● You should keep mobile app name short and sweet memorable and easy to pronounce ● Do your best while choosing the name for your mobile application which reflects what your users should not scroll the entire app while looking for something which fits their requirements Meanwhile app stores allow you to write app description of 225 character limit you should use only 25 of them. That is everything which is shown in the search results so make sure all those characters are used in a proper way. On the other hand your app description is one the where you should put your focus on. It works like Meta description tag for a website but is not visible on the app store. - Marketing Your Mobile App Effectively If you are having a good budget for marketing you should not be too conservative about it. Typical marketing structure is planned over weeks or months of time. However if you want to increase your mobile app downloads in a very short span of time you should concentrate on all your small marketing spending in the small frame of time. It takes some dedication and courage in rolling out a full dedicated marketing campaign all at once but it should be executed successfully. Then you will see some great results. Depending on your total budget for marketing you should spend this money within few days or weeks at most. By spreading your marketing campaign across multiple channels to your target audience must include: ● SMS Marketing ● Email Marketing ● Content Marketing

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● Relevant Blogs or Magazines ● App Directory Websites ● Websites like Reddit and Digg ● Social Media Platforms Organic searches will also lead to more number of downloads for your mobile app. However many downloads come from web-version of the landing page. This why you should create a direct landing page of your mobile app so that it directs users to download your app. Conclusion Ruling the app downloads for your mobile application is not the easiest task to achieve. However if you are going to use these tips and tricks and best practices you will see a considerable increase in your mobile app downloads and app stores charts. One thing you should always remember that your target audience preferences should be in your mind when trying out these techniques. What works well for general customers might not work in your favor. Therefore keep using these tips while keeping the interests of your users at heart. If you need any assistance related to iOS Mobile App Development or Android Mobile App Development you can contact us. We are a leading mobile app development company in India USA engaged in providing feature packed secure and scalable web and mobile apps across all business verticals. Connect with us at Checkout our portfolio: Get a free quote: contact us