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In the year 2017, most companies have realized that it is important to invest in Android App Development Services. Above all, if they want to meet the demands of their customers and increase their sales.


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Top Trends of Android Mobile App Development for 2018 From Cupcakes and Gingerbread to KitKat and Oreo the Android has taken us on the path of sweet technology over the years. That too with each new update of the version. In the year 2017 most companies have realized that it is important to invest in Android App Development Services. Above all if they want to meet the demands of their customers and increase their sales. The year 2017 witnessed 254 billion downloads of applications. Which is more than 57.33 billion in the year 2012 Today Google Apps Lifestyle Apps and Social Media are leading the way. Thus SMEs wishing to improve their brand image and customer commitment must offer similar Android applications. If you want to build an Android app that stands out from the rest you may need to hire a mobile application development company. But before doing that we want to familiarize you with the development of Android app development trends that will drive the market in 2018 and beyond. Lets try to understand what they will offer in detail. - Instant Android Applications We use Android apps every day. And some remain long in our smartphones. Such applications only save space in smartphones. To help users overcome this problem Google announced the launch of Android Instant Apps in October 2017. And how do instant applications work Well users just need to tap the app they want and use it without installing it on their device.

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In 2017 Android instant apps became part of a Play Store. So if you are providing a service via an Android app that you do not need regularly you might be seeing a drop traffic. But they will serve a valuable purpose for users. Similarly when you hire an Android application developer to develop your application make sure to create apps that are compatible with the instant app feature and easily accessible. - VR and AR Android Apps A report from Statista indicates that 2018 will have 977.9 million downloads of the Reality Artificial Reality application. And by 2022 the figure will reach 1.389 million. Now its all a number Do you remember a game that surprised the app market in 2016 It was Pokemon Go Since its release everyone has become addicted and it took the game industry to reach a whole new level. It was a game based on virtual reality. However reports also indicate that virtual reality has gained less growth compared to AR applications. But by 2018 both AR VR will make a significant contribution to Android application development trends. If you want to make a mark with your business you need to conceptualize an AR / VR application that can help you stand out from your competition. - Internet of Things Before the term "Internet of Things" appeared people had no idea that real life things can be intuitive enough to know your needs. According to Gartner by 2020 there will be 20.4 billion things connected. And we will have the chance to see and use these smart objects. Home automation companies design smart home technologies that help users interact with their smart home appliances. Google has played an important role in innovation with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. As Android has a higher user base Android developers need to create apps that offer an interactive user experience. They should also know that all devices running on IoT need different applications to operate efficiently. These applications must have a secure and efficient backend to allow users to easily communicate with their devices. - Innovations in Mobile Payments The whole world sang the anthem "Mobile Responsive". But aside from that the global mobile payments segment is also seeing significant growth. By the end of last year he had established a 600 billion market. New payment technologies such as portable payment solutions contactless payments digital currencies have emerged. As the e-payment market aims to have a cash-free society you need to think about offering innovative and convenient payment solutions to your customers. Once people start using these options companies will also be able to analyze preferred payment options and innovate accordingly. However creating such apps based on Android can be quite difficult.

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- Cloud-Based Mobile Apps Most companies process crucial data. They must back up this huge amount of data and keep it safe. And as App Security is above all Android mobile app developers are eager to develop several cloud computing solutions for their customers. Cloud-based Android apps ensure that business owners can access data at any time. And that too in a safe way. Cloud-based applications will create a buzz in the coming years. So if you do not have one its a good time to develop it. Search the market and you will find several companies that offer cloud-based Android application development. Approach the right company and make the most of this opportunity. It was a quick tour to familiarize yourself with the trends of the Android app in 2018. If you want to achieve exponential success with your business its time you start adopting these technologies and get your Android apps based on them. Wrapping Up: If you need any assistance related to Android app development or cross platform mobile app development you can contact us. We are a leading Android app development company in India USA engaged in providing feature packed secure and scalable mobile apps across all business verticals. Visit us: