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Know The Most Popular Credit Card Types :

Know The Most Popular Credit Card Types Getting the first credit card for you or your spouse or child can be an emotional moment accompanied by a feeling of personal achievement. The decision of what type of credit card to take can be a puzzling one since there are so many different types out there. Different types of cards offer different types of benefits like rates of interest, rewards, additional fees, etc. Thus it is important to do proper research about the different types and then take a well-informed decision.

Standard Credit Cards And Charge Credit Cards :

Standard Credit Cards And Charge Credit Cards The most popular and common type of credit card is the standard credit card which offers medium interest. They generally offer a credit limit ranging from $100 to $2000 but this limit might be extended on the basis of your credit history. These cards are the ones which people usually go for. Charge credit cards are a bit different from the standard credit cards. These charge cards do not offer any credit. Instead you need to pay the entire borrowed amount in full at the end of the month. An annual fee is usually taken from card holders but no minimum payment or monthly interest-only fee is taken from card holders. Undoubtedly the best known instance of a charge card is American Express.

Gold And Platinum Credit Cards :

Gold And Platinum Credit Cards This type of card is not available to everyone. Such cards are only offered to those people who have a good credit history or rating. These cards offer some special benefits which standard cards do not offer. Such cards offer a higher limit of credit, a larger daily withdrawal limit of money, etc. Perks like card protection, special discounts, cashback , extended warranties on some products, travel insurance, etc. is provided to the holders of such cards. These cards are often only provided to people who belong to a higher bracket of salary and such cards have hence become a symbol of status and prestige.

Charity Credit Card Options :

Charity Credit Card Options Charity credit cards are a very special type of credit cards. These cards were started by charities in association with some credit card companies. In these cards a small donation is made in a month, usually at the end of the month. These donations are usually a percentage of the amount that has been spent on the card. Some credit card companies even make a donation to the charity in question whenever someone signs up for a charity credit card. These services are usually provided free in addition to the donation.

Student Credit Card Options :

Student Credit Card Options Student credit cards are fairly new credit card type that has become very popular. These cards are issued exclusively to students or young people. These cards offer a very large amount of benefits to the students, to the point where you can gain a lot financially while the card issuer actually suffers losses. These cards are issued by companies so that they can ensure life-long customers. Thus these different credit card types all have their own pros and cons and it is important for you to consider all of these carefully before making a decision.

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