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If you are planning to create a dating app just like Tinder, then the Howzu Tinder app clone script is the best solution for you. The clone script is full of rich features and offers a social platform for people who are looking a perfect match for them. Howzu Tinder clone script is developed by expert UI designer with elegant design features. You can smoothly control the whole application with the help of admin panel. https://appkodes.com/tinder-clone-app/


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Howzu App Create your own Dating App | Howzu

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What is Howzu HowzU perfect tinder app like dating app helps to create an online chat app instantly. Powerful NodeJS has been used to give an standalone solution for the chatting system.

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Admin Features ★ Allowed to manage the Approved/Unapproved/Reported/Premium user’s ★ Able to control whole landing page option’s ★ Admin can add FCM push notification configuration for both android and ios app’s ★ Site name Site logo Filter options can manage through admin panel

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Easy to control your profile It’s really very simple and easy. It finds your location using GPS then uses your Facebook information to create your profile don’t worry nothing about Howzu will never be posted to Facebook. A Howzu dating profile is made up of your first name age photos of your choice and any pages you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. You can also include your education and occupation in your bio.

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Chat With Image Share You can also share your image with potential matches via Howzu v2.0 App. Share what they’re currently sighting to on the app and find out who shares their taste according to their mood. A great way of discovering common interests you might share with your matches.

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Unlimited Likes Perfectly posed and highly filtered images are deemed socially attractive which could results in Likes. The more natural your photos then the more attractive you are gets Likes. The time you save up-front can be more than offset by the time you spend later trying to find a specific picture by likes.

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Advanced filter options Animated gestures for the users to get a different swiping way for match suggestions to match and pass on to next. HowzU understands the user’s need so it availed the discovery preferences filters to set on gender and age basis. So the users can instantly find their matches on their mind.

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➢ Download App Native IOS Application for iPhones ➢ Login With Facebook ➢ Join with Howzu ➢ Location Identify ➢ Profile Update ➢ Account Info

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Native Mobile App for Android ➢ Profile Update ➢ Friends ➢ Find Friends ➢ Friend Request ➢ All Messages ➢ Popup Message

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Howzu App Versions

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Howzu Versions ★ HowzU v1.0 ★ HowzU v2.0 Updated Android Version ★ HowzU v1.0 Updated IOS Version ★ HowzU v1.0 ★ HowzU v2.0

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Android Versions HowzU v1.0

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HowzU v1.0 Features ➢ Login with Facebook – You can easily login with your facebook account ➢ Select People – Swipe to select your match ➢ Notification – Get notification from people who wants to match you. ➢ Matches – Chat with your matches. ➢ Share – Share the app to invite your friends. ➢ Settings Display preference – You can filter the people for find the perfect match

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IOS Versions HowzU v2.0

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HowzU v2.0 Features ➢ Improved Nearby friends ➢ Google adsense ➢ Premium Membership ➢ Improved chat and Photo Sharing ➢ Matches – Chat with your matches ➢ Rewind Last Swipes ➢ Send unlimited likes ➢ Quick information on dashboard ➢ Animated gestures ➢ Add new friends ➢ Active/Inactive Visible Mode ➢ Improved Search Option ➢ SMTP Configurations ➢ Help pages

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Software Libraries Server Requirements ❖ Node js An asynchronous event driven framework which is mainly used in the applications development like real-time messaging apps. Where instant acknowledgement plays the big role. ❖ Apache server the most popularly used web/http server. ❖ PHP 5.2.8 and greater ❖ MySQL 5.5.x Serverfor its performance and scalability ❖ SMTP for PHPMailer function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers ❖ Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN Apple Push Notification

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About Live Chat

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NodeJS ★ Howzu is built with the powerful node js for the instant messaging system. The reliable environment which supports cross platform. It is used where real-time response is needed like communication between the apps and gaming system. ★ The material ui design and node js made the app more powerful and user interactive. The user interface provides the seamless access to the app. More secured way of chatting with the matches in realtime lets the user to get connected instantly.

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ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATIONS All our codes are 100 open source codes and can easily be customized. All products are highly scalable and are designed to perform consistently regardless of growth or scale

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We can customize a theme and user interface for your native mobile apps together with your preferred add-ons for available contact now

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We can integrate your choice of payment gateways in the scripts and native apps.

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We can add remove or customize any modules for you on a per project/per day basis.

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We can assist you in integrating this system with your existing eCommerce website

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Smiley Think Different

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Appkodes https://appkodes.com/tinder-clone-app/ TOUCH WITH US Phone:+91-4524220611 Email: infohitasoft.com Skype: live:appkodesales

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