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Listening skill and listening comprehension is to be developed. This slide gives you some methods to improve your listening comprehension and thus to achieve better communication skills. This is too important to achieve success in personal as well as professional life.


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Listening Skill:

Listening Skill Babu Appat

Listening Skill:

Listening Skill It simply means your ability to indulge yourself in an undeterred episode of listening. It’s Skill So can be trained and developed

Listening Span:

Listening Span Is the amount of time one can indulge himself in an episode of undeterred listening at a single stretch.

Uses of Listening Skill:

Uses of Listening Skill Listening is directly proportional to learning The amount and quality of learning is closely connected to your ability of listening Listening is too essential to build, keep and enforce relations. Listening helps you empower interpersonal skills Listening can enhance your problem solving abilities. Listening will empower your own personality A good Listener is a good friend, invariably.

How to Develop Listening Skill:

How to Develop Listening Skill We are naturally gifted with listening skill as we are human beings We can improve upon it to have an edge over others Constant, purposeful practice alone can bring in an improvement Meditation helps you improve concentration, concentration augments listening skill and listening span You can go for some brain gym, intellectual games, arithmetic puzzles, computer games etc to improve it further. A strong desire to develop is, above everything, basic to everything

In Interpersonal Skill Development:

In Interpersonal Skill Development Although not the topic of popular conversation, listening skills hold a lot of weight in relationship building. Business networking is commonly perceived as doing proactive things to create useful relationships. Yes, certain bond building activities must be performed but there are details involved

Emphasis is on the SKILL:

Emphasis is on the SKILL An important detail is to have exceptional listening skills. In other words, just as much emphasis that is put into having a good elevator pitch or to be able to explain the great features and benefits your services should be applied to your listening capabilities

There’s Room for Improvement at any level:

There’s Room for Improvement at any level This is one vital aspect to Personal networking and relationships that shouldn't be overlooked. You may be a great listener but it's always good to do a spot check and consistently welcome improvement

How great of a listener are you? :

How great of a listener are you? Ask yourself the following questions

1. Do you seek first to understand and then to be understood?:

1. Do you seek first to understand and then to be understood? Sometimes we can be so excited and engrossed with our own agenda that we are in a hurry to spread the word and speak of our own needs. There's nothing wrong with doing this, however, it should not interfere with lending your ear in a way that allows you to receive important information coming from your conversation partner. You must be receptive and understanding regardless of your own current status

2. Are you conscious of how much you talk versus how much you listen?:

2. Are you conscious of how much you talk versus how much you listen? If you are actively trying to become a better listener, it will do you well to pay attention to how much and how well you are listening. To become a champion listener, you should speak a few words in order to get the conversation going and then listen attentively. When you determine that enough has been discussed about the other person's interests, it's safe for you to express yours

3. Do you prove that you are listening?:

3. Do you prove that you are listening? When engaged in a conversation, it's not enough to simply stare and listen. You must react and respond to what is being said with your body language; You should nod your head, make facial expressions, smile, etc.. Additional proof that you are listening is to ask questions and give brief input.

4. Is your input effective and well received?:

4. Is your input effective and well received? The only way to give good input is to clearly comprehend what is being explained to you. The reaction of your conversation partner will indicate the level of your understanding

5. Do you ask questions?:

5. Do you ask questions? Input is great but nothing says you are listening like asking relevant questions. The right questions are absolute proof that you are listening and how well.

Achieve Success in Professional Networking:

Achieve Success in Professional Networking Listen properly Know your Listening Span Learn Some techniques to improve your listening span Try to spend time only on relevant events and matters Develop genuine interest on such relevant and required matters. Avoid others as far as possible. Learn to say no whenever wherever required.

Listen to Be Listened to:

Listen to Be Listened to

You’ll Be Successful :

You’ll Be Successful .


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