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Public Education in Scotland:

Public Education in Scotland NINO, “Eileen Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands”, , Environmental Graffitti, n.d., Web, 6 Apr. 2011.

Scottish Curriculum:

Scottish Curriculum “ ...aims to achieve a transformation in providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from [ages] 3 – 18.” This limber and improved curriculum focuses on “[ing] every learner develop knowledge, skills and attributes for learning, life and work” (“What is Curriculum for Excellence?”)


Assessment “...a wide range of tasks and activities including dialogue and interactions with peers and teachers, practical investigations, performances, reports, oral presentations and discussions as well as specific assessment tasks...” in addition to traditional assessment (Scottish Government)

Gaelic Education:

Gaelic Education

Economic Woes:

Economic Woes “ More than 100 teachers in Dumfries and Galloway are taking early retirement as part of plans to cut costs...” (“Dumfries and Galloway teachers take up retirement deals”) “Staff at 15 universities are joining a UK-wide walkout in a dispute with employers over proposed changes to pensions as well as pay cuts and lack of agreement on job security.” This is due to cuts in spending and demographic changes (“Scottish university staff in second strike”)

Scottish and American Ed.:

Scottish and American Ed. Virginia may not be able to afford a smaller teacher to student ratio or the latest educational technology, but can we afford to fall any further behind the standards to which international students are held?

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