College Youth And Their 8 Essential Thingamabob

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College Youth And Their 8 Essential Thingamabob In spite of the record heat waves of drought and drenching monsoon around the corner. College students everywhere are getting ready to lug their possessions to a “humdrum” new college dorm. Personalize the space with gadgets and gizmos that make living away from home more bearable. Today’s market is saturated with every kind of technological gizmo imaginable and it can be tough for high school and college students alike to discern what’s actually useful. There are a number of options that can make your life as a fresher easier or just more fun. Lets take a look at some useful college gadgets.  Smartphones

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In college email is the primary mode of communication for students. Being able to access all the information on your university email at all times is a huge advantage as well as a convenience. Smartphones help in having email on your phone. Sometimes a professor sends an email cancelling class at the last minute but if you aren’t in your room to check your email on your computer you wouldn’t have any idea. As a university student your inbox is constantly filling up with information from the school or student organizations. College students practically live on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Smartphones avail sites like these at your fingertips is a definite plus in keeping up with the lives of your friends and followers.  DSLR Camera

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If you are a photography lover you should opt to purchase a DSLR. While smartphone cameras may be good and certainly convenient for selfie obsessed teenagers a top-notch DSLRs will always come out on top when it comes to authentic photographic quality.  Multimedia And Bluetooth Speakers College students across the country are packing up their cars and getting ready to move into their dorms for the start of the school year. And while everyone is certain to have their smartphone and some great headphones with them to help with those cramming sessions. These multimedia and Bluetooth speakers provide ultimate night jamming showdown.

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 Laptops And Notebooks Your college or university will have a computer lab where you can work on your papers or assignments theres no question about that. Of course that doesnt mean youll always be able to get a seat quickly if you have an assignment due chances are lots of other people do as well and you dont want to be waiting for a computer to be free when you have a paper due in a few minutes. Additionally the computer lab isnt always convenient to get to especially if you live off campus. That is because unlike desktops students can tote laptops to class the library and back to the dorm with ease. Some of the key features to focus on when shopping for a laptop computer include battery life processing speed and storage space. In all cases more is better. Laptops come in three basic forms: notebooks ultrabooks and netbooks. Each offers its own set of benefits.

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 Smart Pen Sometime dozing off during a lecture is okay But don’t want to miss on that important lecture. Well record all the important lecture and important seminar of any subject of your interest. This can be done with the help of microphone and speaker built in this device. Ones you record the lecture you can be hooked to your PC through the USB connector and attend your lecture again.

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 Printers Although email has been around for decades now shockingly many professors and teachers still prefer the good old printout. They need to mark those essays up and can’t do that as easily with an emailed document. Inevitably you might procrastinate on a paper and rather make a mad dash to the nearest computer lab you can save time by having a printer at your disposal.  Bluetooth Tracking Device For Your Keys Wallets

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Have an annoying habit of losing your car keys often How many times have you lost your ID card wallet somewhere in your house or dorm You can now get a thin easily movable Bluetooth tracker like the Button tracker or the wallet tracker which easily clips on to keys or your wallet and allows you to locate them via the smartphone.  Power Bank

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Stop complaining about the terrible battery life of smartphones you should definitely purchase a power bank of some sort to keep all your electronics charged. By taking a liberty i would bluntly praise our 21st century college children about their knowledge for widgets. There’s nothing that has been mentioned above that our smart college juveniles don’t know. But one thing that might prove to be of some benefit is that Askmebazaar has launched its special Gizmo Funky Fachha program which gives all you new college buddies with an exclusive chance to buy your fav gizmo accessory and flaunt your new improved doohickey. You may avail extra discounts with Askmebazaar coupon codes. FreeKaaMaal provides an insight in this opportunity to all you cool kids and you may browse for more deals and offers on these gadgets. By: Free Kaa Maal

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