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Goal setting


Why do we set goals?


Why do we set goals? 1.You take control of your life 2.You focus on the important things 3.You will make good decisions 4.You can finish the task efficiently 5.You will be self confident and enthusiastic 6.You will make progress 7.You are closer to success


Significance of a goal setting Enhance your life in some way Goals give you long term vision and short term motivation Helps to acquire knowledge , organize your time and your resources to make most of your life Increases self confidence Helps to measure and take pride in the achievement of the goals


Types of goals Short term goal : Achieved quickly Within a few days or few weeks Long term goal: Take longer to achieve May take months or even years May be more rewarding once accomplished

Reasons for not setting goals…:

Reasons for not setting goals… Lack of belief. Setting wrong goals. Previous disappointments. Fear. Laziness.