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Public Speaking : 


Public Speaking Produces Anxiety in Most People : 

Public Speaking Produces Anxiety in Most People Public Speaking Death People’s Biggest Fears Anxiety-emotional condition in which there is fear &uncertainty about the future

Overcoming Speech Anxiety : 

Overcoming Speech Anxiety Acknowledge Your Fear Act Confident Practice Simulate Setting at Home

Overcoming Speech Anxiety (con’t) : 

Overcoming Speech Anxiety (con’t) Ask Friends to Be Practice Audience Use Deep-breathing Techniques Visualize Your Success Focus on Message, not Fear Give Yourself a Mental Pep Talk

Understand Audience and Listening : 

Understand Audience and Listening People Think Faster Than Hear Have Short Attention Span Jump to Conclusions Easily Distracted

Listening Remedies : 

Listening Remedies Keep Speech Focused Divide Speech into Compact Segments Analyze Audience Carefully Adapt to Situation

Understand & Define Your Purpose : 

Understand & Define Your Purpose Inform Inspire / Persuade Entertain Introduce Accept

Understand the Speech Making Process : 

Understand the Speech Making Process Choosing/Narrowing a Topic Researching Topic Organizing Your Speech Developing an Outline Delivering Speech

Choosing an Appropriate Topic : 

Choosing an Appropriate Topic Is It Important to You? Will It Hold Audience’s Attention? Is It Manageable in the Time Available? Is It Appropriate for Oral Presentation? Is It Clear?

Sources of Supporting Material : 

Sources of Supporting Material Libraries Books Newspapers Reference Materials CD-ROM Data Bases Government Documents

Types of Supporting Material : 

Types of Supporting Material Common Knowledge Direct Observation Examples & Illustrations Explanations & Descriptions Documents

Delivering Speech - Beginning : 

Delivering Speech - Beginning Walk Calmly with Confidence to Front Establish Eye Contact Smile Naturally Deliver Introduction

Delivering Speech - During : 

Delivering Speech - During Use Effective Eye Contact Use Effective Language Use Effective Gestures Be Enthusiastic Use Conversational Style Use Notes As Needed

Delivering Speech - Ending : 

Delivering Speech - Ending “Frame” the Speech Pause before Returning to Seat But Don’t Ask for Questions Accept Applause Graciously

Plan, Prepare, Polish, Practice, Present : 

Plan, Prepare, Polish, Practice, Present The better you know your material the less anxious you’ll be about presenting it. Smile and act natural. Don’t apologize for being nervous. No one will know you’re nervous unless you call attention to it.

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. FDR, 1933 Fears are educated into us & can, if we wish, be educated out. — Karl A. Menninger