Choose the Right Bag for Your Right Trip

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Choose the Right Bag for Your Right Trip:

Choose the Right Bag for Your Right Trip

A Man’s Guide :

A Man’s Guide  A man’s luggage is both a stylistic and a practical decision. Generally people need a bag that carries all the necessary things that is convenient, and doesn’t look dreadful when paired with the traveling clothes. It is important, especially for business travelers, who would like to end up first impressions as the best when meeting their counterparts at the airport with their luggage still in tow. Business trips, conferences, vacations, class reunions or whatever, a part of your wardrobe has to come with you, whenever you leave home.

Know the Luggage Options : Messenger/Laptop Bag:

Know the Luggage Options : Messenger/Laptop Bag Different trips need different bags. Size matters here as you have to carry it. So, bigger size isn’t always better. A business trip suitcase should be slim, easily slung over a shoulder, and wide enough to lay a suit coat in without folding, while the family vacation suitcase is going to be all about volume and will almost need rolling wheels to manage the weight. The trips may have the same number of days, but different locations or circumstances call for different bags.

A Man’s Dopp Kit::

A Man’s Dopp Kit: Specially designed for men, this Dopp kit is a bag that is used to place, shaving and toiletry things, and is mandatory for the professional traveler. It is shaped like a loaf of bread, about the size of a football, and has a zipper all the way across the top lengthwise. Nylon and leather are common materials of the kit. Most of the bags have just a single compartment, often waterproofed, while some may have small pouches along the sides to keep small items. Your shaving cream or shampoo may spoil your clothes. Keep your toiletries separate in this kit and safeguard your clothes from getting ruined.

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You can use it for storing : Shaving cream or a small cake of shaving soap Toothbrush/paste Razors (just the handle without blades if it’s in carry-on luggage) Small items from bouncing around while stored inside a larger bag Toiletries

A Man’s Briefcase::

A Man’s Briefcase: Normally, the standard dress case will appear in the colors such as black, brown. It is rectangular in shape, soft or hard-sided, made from a business appropriate material like leather. This is the perfect carry-on for a business traveler, who is also expecting the luggage as smart-looking and large enough to hold a book and papers or any tiny electronic devices for entertainment on the flight. There are a number of briefcase styles available in the market, including pilot cases, satchels, attaché, and the computer bags. A man who works in a creative and more casual job can go for something more rugged, while a man who works in a traditional workplace will need a briefcase that matches well with a suit and makes him look professional when walking into a business meeting.

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One can use it for placing : Electronics, laptops, and books Business items that are required immediately upon arrival Airline tickets and information Hassle-free carry-on (simple to put in-between larger bags overhead)

Attache Case: :

Attache Case: An attaché case is a specific kind of briefcase: latching, hard-sided, and traditionally lockable. Often used by diplomats and messengers, it is used to carry important information. Attaché cases are simple in design and thinner than normal briefcases. When you see the inner part, the cases are divided into two sections by a hard, hinged tray.

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Attache Case

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You can use it for : Extra security of its lock and hard sides Store small objects in their own trays A clean, minimalist, perfect look. Great for hauling your client’s proposal into a meeting without the risk of overstuffing the case.

Carry-on Luggage/Suitcase::

Carry-on Luggage/Suitcase: These are the cases that are ideally made for airline size restrictions. Actually, they are mini-suitcases that give you enough space to place your items. They are perfect for avoiding checked luggage if your trip is short enough to live out of a small bag.  Be aware that standard sizes of the suitcase keep shrinking.

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Use it : For avoiding checked bag fees As your main suitcase on a short trip As your official “carry-on,” with a briefcase or backpack as your “personal item”

A Man’s Backpack::

A Man’s Backpack: A soft-sided, two-strap backpack is familiar to all of us. They may lack in style but have more storage space than a briefcase and are very much convenient for carrying over long periods. You can also place your small items here, as the backpack has more zipping pockets. They are certainly flexible and handy, but definitely, it is not good to wear it with a suit.

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Use it for : Casual, non-business travel Tours where first impressions are not  important Travel that involves lots of walking/ standing with your bag Convenience and comfortable

Messenger/Laptop Bag::

Messenger/Laptop Bag: You can consider this as a modern hybrid of a backpack and a suitcase. Its strap hangs over a shoulder and across the chest and make the bag rests on the opposite hip. They are used for general-purpose, but normally used for laptops. Even though they have a less space than backpacks, they are easier to carry than a briefcase. They look much better with a suit than a backpack, in plain black or a similar dark color scheme.

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Messenger Bag

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Use it for carrying : Small luggage and items Laptop, papers, and other accessories Business travel with too many items for a briefcase

Upright Suitcase::

Upright Suitcase: This is a large and rectangular suitcase, which stands on its own. Basically, it looks like an oversized briefcase. You can say this as a family suitcase. Some of them have wheels while others have a handle on the top. The sides can be either flexible cloth or hard.

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Upright Suitcase

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Use it for: Trip where there is no need to walk fast or far Packing for family members or multiple people Fitting clothing, toiletries, personal items, etc. all into one bag Lessening the number of bags for a group/family needs Long trips

Two-Wheeled Suitcase::

Two-Wheeled Suitcase: This is the most common suitcase used by the frequent travelers and the easiest checked-luggage-size bag to transport. Any traveler will recognize these all-pervading pieces of luggage: a pair of wheels on the bottom and the firm-sided rectangles with a long handle on top.

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2 Wheeled Suitcase

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Use it for: Getting around the airport quickly Small trips where you need only a few clothes Keeping easily-folded clothes like slacks and cotton shirts Avoid packing more than you can carry. Perfect baggage gives a peace of mind. Choose the right bags for the right occasion and make sure that you have everything you want right where you need it.

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