Most Annoying Habits of Audience

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Here are the most irritating habits of audience in a presentation. It takes a hell lot of patience and courage to deal with these annoying audiences. God help the presenter!


By: rohanchaubey (92 month(s) ago)

Lol. Good one Anuj! That's irritating when people start gossiping in middle of presentation and I am like... Am I speaking to myself?

By: anujmalhotra123 (92 month(s) ago)

Oh Yes Rohan! That's so irritating too. You made it now 9 types. Glad you liked it!


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By: zhybek (92 month(s) ago)

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PowerPoint Presentation:

Duh! This is so terribly distracting. And many a times, the flirt is deliberately doing this to make you conscious. The only solution is to ignore but in last scenario, even that becomes difficult !

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Need any reasons? Wish as presenters we could ask the texters to hand over their phones like this professor did in Larry Crowne.

PowerPoint Presentation:

You feel like giving them a presentation on mannerisms. Coz they didn’t learn so at home or in school.

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They are totally clueless as the girl in the movie. And you don’t know how to help them because they have been lost since the beginning of the presentation.

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Talk about etiquettes! And it makes the presenter feel hungry too. No?

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They wreak havoc with your self confidence and concentration. They are the worst of the lot!

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They are here to ruin your perfect presentation and make you appear an idiot in front of the audience.

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Watching this makes your heart sink. Is my presentation that boring? And they do this shamelessly without trying to hide it!