Best Woods and Guidance to Stylish Office Furniture

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Best Woods and Guidance to Stylish Office Furniture

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Best Wood Types for Office 1. Flush Doors The flush doors are one of the primary choices of use for office and commercial use. The Flush doors India has a great demand in compare to other types for commercial use due to the numerous features. You can select an attractive design for the external flush plywood door and simple and cost effective internal flush plywood door.

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2. Solid Oak Solid oak is among the most common wood species used for furniture. It is sturdy and durable and can be finished in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Solid oak can be a bit pricey but with proper care and maintenance the furniture is sure to last a lifetime.

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3. Cherry Wood Cherry wood furniture will add a dramatic look to any office. It’s also sturdy but your choices with finishes are somewhat limited due to the darker nature of the wood. Cherry wood tends to be extremely expensive compared to other types. Maintaining cherry wood can be difficult as it is prone to showing wear and scratches.

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4. Maple Wood Maple wood is a popular choice for desks because it is one of the least expensive woods on the market. Maple is available in a variety of finishes but the woods tend to be a lighter color. As long as your desk doesn’t sustain heavy abuse the maple wood should hold up for a long time. Maple is also easier to maintain than other varieties.

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Guidelines 1. Buy with a Vision or Plan: Before processing or investing in office furniture it is highly recommended the Purchasing Office be contacted for collaboration and guidance. 2. Buying Furniture with Future Growth in Mind: Explore the entire line to see what you may be able to do long-term. 3. Choose timeless style over trendy: The best long-term value in furniture selection is a simple yet appealing design. By purchasing furniture with a timeless appearance it will be easier to add complementary pieces.

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4. Choosing Price over Value: Everyone loves a bargain but when evaluating price make sure you give equal weight to value. To make the smartest buying decision possible consider the cost of ownership over the expected life of the furniture. 5. Space planning is vital: Furniture should fit properly in areas to allow ADA clearance to walkways and doorways. Some vendors will add design fees which will ultimately increase the overall cost of furniture. Be aware of these additional costs.

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6. Evaluating the True Cost of Ownership: The base price of furniture is just the starting point. In order to fully evaluate true cost of ownership additional items such as freight charges installation special handling required design fees and installation. 7. Ergonomics and productivity: When it comes to office furniture comfort equals productivity. Ergonomic design is critical to the comfort and productivity of faculty staff and students. Features such as contoured seats lumbar backrest supports adjustable seats and armrests can help minimize work-related injuries and lost workdays. In turn those factors can help reduce costs for worker’s compensation and medical insurance.

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5. Costlier compared to blockboards or particle boards. Plywood is costlier compared to particle boards or blockboards. And in addition to the material cost the carpentry costs also get added. So for those people who are looking for short-term furniture solutions the ready-made furniture made from particle boards can be worth considering.

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CONCLUSION Just check and follow the guidelines before buy or purchase any furniture or wood. As pineexporters also a manufacturing and Supplier Company you can visit the website and catch the stuff. For more information visit

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