Is Soma generic prescribed medicine for muscle relaxer?


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Is Soma generic prescribed medicine for muscle relaxer Where to Buy Soma online Soma is a skeletal muscle relaxant manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. It prevents the pain sensations from traveling between the nerves and the brain. It is approved by the FDA since 1959. It is the most effective when combined with rest and physical therapy. The active ingredient in Soma is carisoprodol. It is orally administered and available in the doses of 250mg and 350mg. It is one of the most prescribed medications for musculoskeletal pain and one can order Soma generic online. Restrictions on Soma Soma should not only be used for a prolonged period. Doctors prescribe Soma for a period of two or three weeks. because most skeletal muscle injuries are of short duration. One can get Soma for muscle relaxation only with a valid prescription from a doctor. The sale supply and distribution of Soma are restricted to only those individuals and companies that have a license from the DEA. Since 2012 Soma has been included in the Schedule VI of the Controlled Substance Act of the USA. Several other countries also have restrictions on the sale of Soma. In Norway Sweden and Indonesia it was taken off the market. It can be extremely harmful especially to children if mixed with caffeine and paracetamol. Soma should not be used to treat anyone younger than 16 years of age.

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Order Soma generic Online Soma and other generic carisoprodol medications can be easily bought online. To Buy Soma Online you would need a valid prescription. Before you Order Soma generic Online from a vendor you should look into their credibility as well as the pricing policy shipping policies return policies. Buying from a verified vendor would give you several beneficial options such as Soma Cash on delivery or in case you choose to pay upfront a refund of the money or re-shipping if the medications are not delivered. Doses The normal dosage of Soma for an adult is three doses of 350mg Soma tablets spaced evenly throughout the day and once before bedtime. This should be taken for not more than three weeks. It should be taken as a whole tablet and not crushed into powder or mixed with water or injected intravenously. It has a rapid onset and a half-life of two and a half hours. In case a dose is missed it should be taken when recalled. Provided it is not nearly time for the next dose. Taking double or extra doses do not help in relieving the musculoskeletal pain. Instead it increases the chances of an overdose. The symptoms of a Soma overdose include: ● Vision problems ● Confusion ● Hallucinations ● Muscle stiffness ● Loss of coordination ● weak or shallow breathing ● Fainting ● Seizure or ● Coma. The doctor or the local poison control center should be contacted immediately in case of an overdose. Side Effects of Soma The common side effects of Soma are drowsiness dizziness and headaches. The other side effects may include: ● Agitation ● Irritability ● Depressive reactions ● Insomnia

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● Vertigo ● Nausea and ● Vomiting Drug and Disease Interactions Soma interacts with the following diseases: ● Porphyria ● Drug dependence and ● Renal/liver disease. The drug with which Soma interacts include: ● Codeine ● Hydrocodone ● Methadone ● Norco acetaminophen / hydrocodone ● Oxycodone ● Percocet acetaminophen / oxycodone ● Suboxone buprenorphine / naloxone ● Tramadol. Soma is a habit-forming drug and should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor. It should be kept safely where children could not reach. In case of any negative symptoms after taking the drug seek immediate medical attention. To read more about soma visit us at or contact us at +01 347-699-8089

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