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The UNWRITTEN: Tommy Taylor and the bogus Identity:

The UNWRITTEN: Tommy Taylor and the bogus Identity

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The Unwritten gives an opportunity to talk about comic conventions The stereotypical views of the comic convention can be seen in the background of the comic COMIC CONVENTION

Multiple Overlapping Layers of Narrative:

Multiple Overlapping Layers of Narrative The Unwritten is about the Tommy Taylor from the real world dealing with events connected to the fictional Tommy Taylor from the comics

PowerPoint Presentation:

Count Ambrosio

The Way the Past Is Portrayed:

The Way the Past Is Portrayed Present and past are sometimes displayed in the same scene The past is just in faded color It was clearly the past because Tommy was thinking about the past, when it was overlaid onto the scene Another way to present the past and the present in the same panel

Horror Genre:

Horror Genre Horror conventions are all throughout the end of this graphic novel Suspense is built throughout the comic Starting with the Count Then the audience sees the character Pullman slowly growing more sinister throughout, until he starts killing everyone It’s interesting that the character Pullman acknowledges the idea of genre conventions pushing the characters in the horror scenes

Failed Hero:

Failed Hero Here the villain seems to clearly succeed because Tommy is arrested for the villain’s murders In the finally narrative of the comic involving Kipling. Kipling also looses to the force behind the scenes controlling everything


Media The comic touches on different types of media The internet, newspaper, and the television The different types of media come together to give different people’s perspectives on whether or not the real life Tommy is the Tommy Taylor from the books

Other Works of Fiction:

Other Works of Fiction The Unwritten touches on other works of fiction Constantly makes references to other literary works as well as paintings

The End:

The End

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